Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'll start off with an apology for their being no post to accompany yesterday's pictures. I was really busy/rushed and I was more concerned with actually getting the pictures posted than anything else. I know some people start to get antsy when I don't get any pictures posted ;-) All of the outdoor pictures from yesterday were from Maybury State Park. We decided to take the kiddos up there for a trek through the woods and a picture lunch. The foilage around here is absolutely gorgeous and we really enjoyed ourselves. The park has a lot of trails, both paved and unpaved and a nice mountain bike trail as well. I think we'll definitely be going back again soon. The rest of the pictures are from meeting up with my family for Shell's birthday dinner. We learned that Mikayla loves onion rings (particularly the onion part) and were glad to get to spend some time seeing everyone. Can I just say again how wonderful it is to travel an hour, meet up with everyone for dinner for a bit and then go home again?

Last night after dinner Grant took the kiddos outside to start to rake up the leaves that are beginning to pile up in our yard. Noah and Mikayla had a blast! I know I sound like a broken record at times, but I am just so thrilled for all the new experiences they are getting during their first fall in the midwest.

Thinking about making some homemade ravioli today :) Roasted a couple of pie pumpkins yesterday, so maybe some pumpkin ravioli, too! Some of it already was turned into some amazingly delicious pumpkin cookies yesterday and I have plans for pies and bread for the other two pumpkins still in need of roasting :) Only problem is that I am definitely starting to run out of room in my freezer...

Until tomorrow, then...

Her smile just makes me smile

When she came in, she was telling me all about playing in the "weeves" Oh how I adore my kiddos!

Quick, can you spot the Noah and the Mikayla?

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