Friday, February 27, 2015

The original Mardi Gras

Some days you just need Orange Leaf for lunch

Nita left them a clue which we got to after school

Bonjour mes petits détectives stupides, (That means Hello, my silly little Detectives, ha ha ha)
Laissez les bons temps roule!  Hmmm, sound familiar?  It should!  Just a few short weeks ago I was camped out in a city known for hosting an event where this phrase is often heard.  BUT, I have learned during my time this week that is NOT where the earliest origins of the celebration in North America actually occurred.  Nope, it was actually here in the state where I am now in 1703 – a full 15 years before its more well-known counterpart.
Turns out the big event just wrapped up last Tuesday here where I am.  I was able to pick up a few trinkets for you, though.  A clue or two if you will.
First, this huge event actually has its own flag at all the festivities that begin usually around New Year’s Eve and run until Ash Wednesday.  I could just give you the flag that I picked up, but what fun would that be?  No, you’ll have to do at least some work assembling the pieces I’m including.
Secondly, lots of different parades occur during this celebration.  And parades mean floats!  And floats mean people tossing goodies to the parade goers.  These goodies, known as trinkets, range from beads to doubloons (coins) to candy.  One specific treat is associated with the celebration in the state that I am currently in, though.  They were first thrown in 1956t by children on the Queen's float in the Comic Cowboys parade and are since a parade staple.  Again, I could just give you the treat but how boring!  You’re detectives, you’ll have to find them!  I will give you a hint, though.  To find the treat you’ll have to get clean.
Have I confused you more my techy twosome?  Or do you think you know where I’ve been holed up this week?  I’m sure you haven’t got a clue!

They went racing down the hall to find...

Moon Pies!

As they munched they worked to assemble...

The Mobile Mardi Gras falg

Noah found Mobile on the map to confirm

And they logged a guess of...


More tomorrow!

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