Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mary Had a What??

Happy Hump Day, all!  It's been a wonderful Wednesday at the Gatchel's!  Cupid visited this morning:

They got coloring pages with the words "You make the world more "Color"ful!"

She was ready in plenty of extra time this morning so of course had to start on it

And then everyone was off to school while I ran around like a crazy Mama getting things accomplished.  Wait, isn't that like most days around here?  Sure seems to be that way.  But it was good running around.  I'm wrapping up all the loose ends for Friday's party, found out the Bean gets to stay at school all day on Friday and learned about international mailing (it's coming, Scott!!!!).  Yay for productive mornings!

And even more YAY for low-key, relaxing, chill afternoons with awesome company.  The Bean and I went to hang with Colleen and her Bean (and D and E, too!) for awhile after school.  Hey Howell - your loss totally Farmington Hill's gain :D

I 'borrowed" NJ's pinewood derby car to show you how it's coming along :)

We made it home in time for me to log into get some work done and wait for NJ to make it home.  Once he got settled the kiddos noticed the flag was up:

Noah read us:

My ‘little’ Detectives,
I’ve got a song for you.  Actually, a rhyme.  A nursery rhyme.  And it just so happens it was written by Sarah Josephea Hale in 1830.  She was born in the state I’m currrently hiding out in.  Here ya go!

(In the clue the piano music appeared here, but it didn't want to copy over, so use your imagination :) )

Oh wait, I decided to help you out a little bit.  (Because let’s be honest, you’ll NEVER catch me otherwise!)   On one of the keyboards in your house, I’ve left you something that may help you put your finger on exactly what this little rhyme may be. 


They were quick to discover this on my keyboard

Noah figured it out pretty quickly

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Unfortunately it didn't spark any ideas of WHERE Nita may be...  We did discuss at dinner last night pulling out states that we know don't have any mountains in them after yesterday's cog railway clue.

The boys are off to the pack meeting and weigh in tonight so we sat down a little early to a dinner of Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese.  The boys loved this one, Kayla not so much....

Alright, getting the boys off and then the Bean and I are going to head down and check in with Tess and A for a little bit this evening.  Tomorrow morning Kayla and I are going to go meet up with some of the MOPS Mamas and their littles, I think my board meeting was cancelled (lol) so we may have to hunt down a Valentine's present for a certain Daddy and who knows what else.  So until then...

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