Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Masked and Fabulous

 Last night, after I posted and the kids were in bed, I realized I didn't have anything really pressing that I wanted to do.  There was nothing on TV worth watching (Master Chef Jr. Finale tonight, though!) and I'm actually caught up with Nita through the end of next week.  (That's right, I know where she is and even where she's going to be ;-) ) So I was struck by the need to create.  Donuts.  I wanted to make donuts.  With sprinkles.  So I did!

Baked Funfetti Donuts - pre glaze


Ta-Da!  I had fun.  And the kiddos had a delayed start this morning so this meant they still got something 'fun' for breakfast but I got to sleep in an extra half an hour.  Bonus!

So we most fortunately had a quiet evening.  Noah was complaining a little of his stomach this morning, but all seems to be well and we're going to bank on that.  They got ready for school and noticed the flag was up!

Dear Detectives,

We have reason to believe that the state Nita is currently hiding out in played an important role in the American Civil Rights Movement.  We believe that both at home and at school you have previously discussed that at one time in our country all people were not treated equally – they were judged based on the color of their skin.  We have reason to believe that the large African American population in the state we think Miss Direction is in had a big part in changing this for the better.

One woman in particular, Rosa Parks, refused to do something in the city of Montgomery in December of 1955 that launched a national movement that was named after the city.   As before, we do not want to put too much information into our actual communication in fear that Nita or a BAD henchman may intercept it.  Instead we are enclosing a coloring page with additional information for you.  We hope that you will complete the picture and use it to capture Nita!  Good luck, Detectives!

MOMG Intelligence

In the envelope they got a really cool picture of a bus that told them that in the city of Montgomery a national bus boycott was started by Rosa Parks and had a huge impact on the American Civil Rights Movement.   They were then asked to color the picture and place Rosa on the bus where they felt she should have been seated.

There was enough time before school (gotta love these weird delayed starts) so they pulled out the crayons and got to it

The Bean's bus

That's Rosa up front!

And here's Noah's

Rosa is in the front window.  "And that other person is the conductor, Mom."  "You mean the driver?"  "Conductor, Driver, WHATEVER!" (Oh how I love six year old logic...)

I still needed to make it to the grocery store this morning, and it was my hope to help out Colleen (who's flying solo for a few days, God bless her!) by taking R with the Bean and I but the kiddos opted to stay and play there instead.  She claims they were easier to deal with together :D  I'm hoping she's not just saying that.  Though, in all honesty, I've had them together and know that it's kind of the truth.  They go off and do their own thing and it's all good.  So anyway, while I was off shopping solo...

The kiddos were creating at Miss Colleen's!

I'm thinking this may be a picture of Miss Colleen - super Mom!

We headed home with the groceries where I surprised the Bean with something I had gotten at the store for her... 
Oh come on, let it go!

She insisted she was hungry - imagine that.

Noah has a den meeting tonight, so that meant early dinner.  And dinner that will please the crowd and get everyone to eat in a timely fashion.  I hope.  So I decided to try out this Pizza Meatloaf.  I mean, Grant loves meatloaf, everyone loves pizza - a sure hit, right?  YEP!  This was a huge winner here tonight.
Yep, looks like pizza

Since the boys were off doing something fun, I wanted the Bean and I to get to do something fun tonight as well.  She had mentioned nails the other day, but we've done that!  So after I finished whipping up those donuts last night, I played around on pinterest for a bit (big shock, I know) and decided we'd have to try this chocolate face mask.  And you can't have girly fun without a treat, so Fairy Bread was the obvious pick!  We unfortunately had some issues with Mikayla's behavior at dinner so while we made the fairy bread it's going to have to wait 'til tomorrow to be taste tested.

Ready to rock and roll

Yep, we did this :-p

See, I said WE!

Two girls + chocolate = fun

Time to work on the fairy bread while our masks set

She really liked the sprinkle part

Rollin' 'em up

We decided to cut them in half to check out the insides

Miss Colleen - I'm to tell you to tell R that B is bringing these with her tomorrow

Time to shower!

Well I don't know about you, but I'm feeling shiny and smooth now :)  We have some leftover mask and Mikayla's requesting we put it on and scare the boys one night.  Hmmm, like the way she thinks!  Odds and ends tomorrow and a Nita clue that'll take us outta this world.  So until then,,,,

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