Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Riding the Rails

Happy Tuesday!  For some reason I'm having a tough time figuring out the days this week, so if I keep naming them (as if to be sure) just roll with it.  I figured I had a 50-50 shot that it was Tuesday because Mikayla wasn't in school today.  So that or Thursday, right?  Not sure what's up with this brain of my lately...

Anyway, Happy Tuesday!  Cupid started our morning off on the right note this morning with this sweet treat:

I love when Cupid takes care of breakfast, one less thing for me to do.

Which meant I could help Noah get started on his 100 days outfit for Thursday.  Can you believe that Thursday is the 100th day of school????  So they've been asked to wear something that represents 100.  So Noah and I are getting creative.  More on this later 

There was just enough time before we had to head out this morning to check the mailbox. 
They got a note telling them to check their email

Dear Detectives,

Greetings from the Granite State!   I love living here and the mountains make for great skiing!  In fact, I recently took the day off and made a trip to Mount Washington.  And while the skiing was lovely, it couldn’t begin to compare with the ride I took to the top!  While on board the Cog Railway I believe I spotted Nita Direction!  I’m attaching the picture for you, hope it helps!  I’m also attaching a link to a video I took of my ride on the railway.
Get that sneaky Nita!

A Concerned Citizen

Can you spot Nita?  (Kudos yet again to Mike!)

Took them some time, but....

Noah got it

We also then watched the video (something fun to check out if you're interested in the Cog Railway, btw)

After getting my fabulous first grader off to school the Bean and I headed up to Amber's to help her and A work on some freezer meals for post-baby arrival.  Three weeks!  Ah!  She let me help, which may have not been the best move since I tried very hard to burn down the kitchen this morning...  (Stupid cheese grease, grumble grumble grumble)  You know you've got a good friend when she laughs about having to open the door to let the smoke out instead of kicking you out.  It was a great way (otherwise) to spend our morning.  The Bean and A had quite the time (they successfully occupied themselves without any intervention on the most part.  Score!) playing as well so I think we all enjoyed the morning.  Well, other then my ineptness in the kitchen...

Bean and I got home and we decided we wanted to do some treat making.  A few weeks ago I had pinned a recipe on my Bean board for Fairy Bites so we decided to try them out.  Actually I gave her three or four choices but I don't think she heard beyond "fairy" :)


So I will admit I didn't follow the instructions completely if you want to try these yourself.  I skipped the putting them in a pan and just kind of rolled them into a nice square about 1/4 inch thick

Ready for the oven!

The kids both loved these - especially my NJ who adores shortbread,

So back to the 100 days...  When Noah got home we got to work on it again.  We decided to use the bingo dotters to add 100 polka dots to his shirt!

Halfway there

All ready for Thursday!

Tried a new recipe for Sticky Sesame Chicken for dinner tonight.  Figured it was a slight departure from the normal, but easy to put together and would go over well with the crew.  It got a 'Keep This One" all around.  Perhaps they scarfed it for more fairy bites...

So I was mistaken, no Den meeting tonight.  (Grumbles about lack of RELIABLE communication...) So Grant is doing baths with the kiddos while I run a few quick errands to continue work on getting things ready for NJ's party on Friday,  It's coming along!  There is a pack meeting tomorrow night (pretty sure on this one.  But who knows!) so that'll mean the Bean and I are on our own after dinner.  And I think the plan is to go hang with Colleen and R after school as Kayla has been BEGGING to do so for days (she reminded me when I got back from my trip that I had gotten to spend time with my friends and it was her turn...) so sounds like a plan.  And who knows, maybe Nita will make an appearance and Cupid, too!  So until then...

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