Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Oh When the Saints....

 They went back to school!  Yay!!!  There was much rejoicing!  And a message from Nita bright and early to check the email!

It read as follows:

 My dearest Detectives,
Still no idea where I am?  Nope, pretty sure you don’t.  In fact, I was feeling so confident the other day that you have no idea where I currently am that I decided to take a stroll through the French Quarter of the state’s largest city (located on the banks of the Mississippi River, by the way) and see what I was going on. 
I just happened to stumble across one amazing concert!  This Dixieland Jazz combo was sitting on the corner playing it hot!  In fact, they were playing this song about the Saints marching in, and someone mumbled to me that it was a song that was very special to the local football team, but I’m not really a sports person… 
Anyway, I chatted with the group after and it seems that this type of music is VERY popular in this area – it is even said to have originated here.  I was so sure that you still have no clue where I am that I spent most of my afternoon hanging out, eating some Bananas Foster (it was so much fun to watch them light on fire the dessert that also originated in this state) and tapping my toes to the beat.  But don’t worry my little munchkins, I didn’t forget about you completely.  I managed to take some video of the jazz ensemble for you to check out.  I even kindly uploaded it to the internet and you can find it here:
Laissez les bons temps rouler, Detectives!

So we of course had to watch the video!  (BTW - watch this video. This woman is AMAZING!)

We then headed into the map room because Nita left us a big clue we realized - she is in a state that is along the Mississippi River!  We worked together and found we could narrow it down to four states!

Noah's guess from yesterday of Alabama had to come down, but now we're down to these four!  There's no strong leanings at this point, but progress!

I got both kiddos off to school, (FINALLY) made it to the grocery store, unloaded, went and read in Noah's class, picked up the Bean from school, where....

She discovered Cupid had visited again!

Right after school we headed down to Canton to meet up with my Mom, Shell and Scott for lunch before he flew out for France!  Can't believe, like I said yesterday, that he's going!  So jealous!  Ok, and SO excited for him.  What an amazing opportunity!  It was great to see him (and Mom and Shell) and Bon Voyage, Bro!

Had to take a chance to watch the new Minion trailer...

Love you Uncle Scott!

Sorry for the condensed post, but it's been a crazy day that's not over yet!  Tonight we had Taco Pancakes (Noah was stoked!) and then I'm heading out to a Cub Scouts Leadership Meeting.  MOPS tomorrow (yay!) and who knows what else.  So until then...

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