Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scouts, Skype and Blessings

 Brrrrr!  I know, I know, we live in Michigan.  And it gets cold here.  Especially in the winter.  But it is REALLY cold (for here) right now.  I've got enough layers on at this point that I feel like the kid in "A Christmas Story" when the Mom bundles him all out to go outside.  But constantly.  And I'm still cold!  Not complaining, know this is the way it is, just saying - brrrrr!!!

In spite of the cold, we've had a pretty good Sunday around here.  After some debate we decided to brave the cold and make it to Church this morning.  Think the fact that today was "Scout Sunday" sealed the deal.  It was a nice mass and Noah (along with the rest of the pack) got to take up the gifts!  He was so excited to play a part.  And come on - he looked adorable:

We stuck around for some pictures after Mass and got some yummy Valentine's day treats from the Janoch's before heading home.

Yep, that's my cute Scout!

We had to hurry home in order to catch our Skype date with Uncle Scott in France.  I'm not sure who had the most fun :)  It was so great to actually get to talk to/see Scott for a little bit.   

He's having a blast in France, we got to learn about oversized French toilet paper (who knew) and have decided to try to make it a weekly thing to catch up.

Noah used the leftovers from yesterday to 'play with his food' at lunch time.  It was kind of laid back day, no where else to be, so I was all good with that.

This afternoon I was off to a lovely Mother's Blessing for the one new Mom and two soon-to-be Mom's (again for all three!) from my MOPS group.  Kudos to Sara for putting on such a beautiful event.  I've never been to one before and found it touching and powerful.  Hopefully it 'filled the buckets' of the Moms (I know it did mine!) and they got into the next few weeks with peaceful hearts.  Can't wait to snuggle new babies!

Have to share these fun Monster Tongues that I made for part of dinner tonight.  The kids loved 'em, and seriously, took all of 5 minutes tops to make.  It was that, chicken baseballs and mashed cauliflower around here tonight - simple "I can mostly prep ahead" dinner since I was gone all afternoon,  The kiddos had a pretty epic afternoon while I was gone (the house kind of looked like it  exploded...) so clean-up and baths are on the agenda for the evening.  Then Grant and I are looking forward to watching the 40th anniversary SNL special.  All I have to say is that there better be cowbell...  More cowbell...  I gotta have more cowbell...

Monster tongues - the kids LOVED these.  Mom friends - make these :)

Chicken baseballs - sorry, no recipe link this is a Kristi original :)

Both kiddos are off school tomorrow and Monday, and the big going on tomorrow is going to pick out our paczki!  It's an event for sure!  And I'm hoping it's going to warm up.  It can't be bitter cold forever, right?  So until then....  


  1. Monster tongues? Gross.

    With all of your creative energy, feel free to plan Rian's birthday for me. I wish I could bottle up even a fraction of what you have...

    1. Gross name - even grosser when G showed them how to 'slurp' them up. But they loved them.

      And you're my hero - you have 3 under the age of 5 - it's not a fair comparison! I'll be happy to help with R's party if you want. Or will be happy to hang with D & E so you can get your creative streak flowing. *hugs* friend!