Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

Whoops, wrong reference.  "Remember you are dust and unto dust you shall return."  Well OK then.  Happy Ash Wednesday, all.  We had quite the Mardi Gras (paczki!) celebration around here yesterday so I guess we've got to get on board now with Lent for the next forty days.  I did get some good ideas for things to maybe try with the kiddos, and I was really struck by the way Fr. Mark put it during today's service.  That "fasting" doesn't have to just be food - it could be anything else in our lives that we may feel there is an excess of.  I think I like that idea better than "giving up".  Fasting doesn't mean not doing it entirely - it means doing it less, about not making it a priority.  And whatever we are fasting from that we should do it joyfully and not make a big show of it.  Exactly what I was trying to put into words yesterday.  So, still thinking on it, but yep, Ash Wednesday here.

That doesn't mean it still wasn't a busy day jammed full of all kinds of "stuff."  Both kids made it back to school today (yay!!!! - Though the next two days are looking iffy at best, especially Friday).  I ran a few quick errands and then made it over to Beechview to read with NJ's class for awhile.  I've got to say I'm impressed with how far some of the kiddos are coming.  And, Aunt Shell, Noah specifically asked me to post that last night he FINISHED "House of Robots" and that he loved it.  He's been telling me about it all along, so I would believe it.  My 6 year old - 300 page chapter book.  Be still my Mama heart!

Me and my baby post-reading time at school

Got done there, grabbed the Bean and we headed over to Church for the Ash Wednesday service.  We were fortunate enough to be joined by Grant and some of my friends and their kiddos as well.  We were getting into the car when I struck by the sudden whim to go and get my hair cut.  I'm weird like that - out of the middle of nowhere.  We stopped by the house to grab the Bean some lunch and then off I went to chop off my hair.  Again.

Not the greatest pic, but a whole lot less hair again

Little bit better on the length - I stink at selfies without kiddos in them :-p

Noah got home and we noticed the flag was up:
And they got a note telling them to check their email

Dear Detectives,

Have you ever just wanted to get in the car and go for a really long drive?  Just take a ride and look at the beautiful scenery?  Well in my home state, we have just the place for it!  (Actually, it starts in my state at mile marker zero in Natchez and runs for 444 miles where it ends in the state where I hear your Aunt Vickie and Uncle Steve live)  The other day I was take a scenic drive along a section of the Trace on my drive to Jacksonville when I stopped to stretch my legs for a bit.  While there I happened to spot a sneaky looking blonde checking out the beautiful scenery.  Actually it almost felt like she was attempting to find a way to steal one of the historic mile marker signs!  I’ve heard rumors about Nita Direction being in the area and it occurred to me this just might be her!  As quickly as possible without spooking her I whipped out my camera and snapped a picture.  I’m sending it to you to see if you can verify it was Nita.  If so, she’s been here!  Catch her, Detectives!  I love my Magnolia State too much to let it fall into the hands of BAD!

A Concerned Citizen

Noah found her!

Can you???

Posting early this afternoon because I am getting them dinner (we're having Creamy Tortellini Soup - no meat, cheerfully, lol) and then I'm heading off to a MOPS leadership meeting.  So wanted to get today's post up before things started to get crazy around here.  I'm hoping the cold stays away and we'll have MOPS tomorrow!  Plus that means they're in school which I really hope so :-p  So until then...

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