Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Symbolic (and Cake Filled) Day

So sometimes a girl needs to play the piano or paint.  And sometimes, she needs to bake.  After a morning full of friends the Bean and I headed back here to do just that.  Because what else was I supposed to do with the rest of the evaporated milk from making comets last night?  I mean, really, what do you do with half a can of evaporated milk, anyway?  Turns out, you make Cinnamon Roll Cake with your favorite cheflette!

You may remember that a few weeks ago I made a cinnamon roll cake for G that he called epic.  As in, one of his new favorite desserts.  Well, this was similar, but with evaporated milk.  (Like I said, had to use it somehow and after 45 minutes of recipe searching for something to make that I had all the other ingredients on hand, this was perfect)  So the Bean and I got baking!

Actually, the Bean got baking.  I read the recipe and 'helped' some

Packing down the brown sugar is her favorite part

We mixed up the topping

Swirled it in

And got it ready to throw in the oven

Then we mixed up the glaze

Which she added as soon as it came out

This is right after we got all the glaze on and Bean said "Mom, I'll be your taste tester"  I told her she could - as long as she finished her dinner :)

Noah came home from school and...
Flag was up and the mailbox was full!

Dear Detectives,

We have been working hard to gather information about some of the state symbols attributed to the state Nita is currently hiding out in.  We believe we have gathered specific information on the State bird and the State Flag we can pass along to you at this time.  We hesitate to just tell you what the flag looks like and the name of the bird in case Nita intercepts this communication and changes it!  (She is sneaky like that.)

So, we are enclosing two things.  First is a picture of the State bird and a code for you to crack to get the actual name of the bird.  Secondly, is a recipe for you to make a cookie that will look like the state flag upon completion.  You should have gotten the necessary ingredients in your mailbox to each make one cookie.  There is also further information on the flag itself with the recipe.

We hope that once completed both of these items will prove useful in your search for Nita.  Good luck, Detectives!

MOMG Intelligence

So first we set out to make some flag cookies

Reading the directions

Hmmm, what flag could this be?  We also learned: 

The official flag design” is a “crimson cross of St. Andrew’s” on a field of white.  The bars forming the cross are not less than six inches broad and extend diagonally across the flag from side to side.  The flag was adopted by the legislature in 1895

This was the second piece of information they received

The yellowhammer is the official state bird of....

After these two clues Noah is leaning very heavily toward Alabama.  He thinks he remembers that both flags had this white background and white cross BUT that the Florida one also has a picture on top of it.  (No, I did not help him with this.  No, I did not give him any hint on this.  Completely his memory.  Google it people)

So, dinner tonight.  I set out to make Quinoa Enchilada Casserole, but I'm going to just give the recipe an 'inspired by' on this.  First, the store did not have a normal size thing of quinoa to buy the other day.  So I went with tubini pasta instead.  And it was supposed to be meatless - but no meat tomorrow so I added ground beef.  Then I had a whole ordeal with enchilada sauce.  It's too long to go into here.  But let's just say the end result - not that recipe.  BUT my crew loved what I came up with :-p  I told them I'll keep that in mind, though I can't say "we'll save the recipe" on this one...

Everyone made it through dinner in about 20 minutes, I think because they wanted to cut into this...

(this is right before we cut into itt, after the glaze set

Oh my goodness...

Grant said "mmmmmmmmmmm" (think Homer Simpson)  He said he liked this one a bit better because it had more of a cinnamon roll texture.  Though he would be MORE than willing to do a side by side taste comparison.  Tomorrow if necessary.  I told him I'd take that into consideration.  I then put his feet to the coals and asked him if he liked this or the peanut butter microwave cake from the other night (it was this one if I didn't post about it, but drizzled with chocolate because I know my husband's weaknesses).  He said he couldn't decide, but if he was on a deserted island (and yes, I posed it this way) and could only eat one dessert for the rest of his life, he'd probably go with the peanut butter cake.  If you like desserts - just try them both :)

Tomorrow's Friday,woo hoo!  Saturday we're catching up with my parents at the zoo for the Botanical Garden show, really looking forward to that one.  Not sure what else we're doing tomorrow, but until then...

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