Thursday, February 12, 2015

An Alarming Day

How did it get to be Thursday?  Seriously!  I feel like it's been a very productive week - seems like that's been the overall theme at least for me.  Been busy finishing up some project, getting all ready for Noah's party tomorrow, starting to gear up for Chili Cook-Off and the Pinewood Derby next week, starting to figure out some Scouting events - just lots of odds and ends.  And yet we've made it to Thursday!  Oy vey!

Cupid left a treat for the kiddos this morning in their coat pockets:

They are giant chocolate covered marshmallow hearts.  (Which made me smile and think of Grandma Koz and the marshmallow covered Santas and Easter eggs..  Random, I know)

The flag was also up before school this morning with a note to check their email:

Clue #5 – Alarm Clock (Nita Email, Video)

Rise and Shine Detectives!
Need a little pick me up?  Check this out:
Why oh why am I sending you such an alarming message today?  Well because it just so happens that that Levi Hutchins of Concord (which is in the state I’m in) invented the first American alarm clock in 1787.  Hutchins invented the clock because he kept sleeping past 4:00 AM (yes – AM!) and he wanted a clock that would wake him up at an exact time.  To accomplish this Hutchins built a cabinet of pine and placed the inner mechanism of a large brass clock inside.  He then inserted a gear so that the minute hand tipped the pinion at 4 am it set a bell ringing.
Is all this ringing any bells?  (Aren’t I funny!)  I doubt it, but I figured I’d at least TRY to give you something to help you catch me.  It’s not like you’re going to.  I set my alarm every day – it keeps me one step ahead! 

After I mentioned yet again that Amber had given a huge hint to Mikayla the other day about where Nita may be and who else had taken a ride on the Cog Railway.  

And it finally dawned on Noah who had given the Bean the clue and how she had helped us out during the state project.  So he asked right away if he could pull out the Flat Mikayla and Flat Noah book

Where he spotted

The Cog Railway!  In New Hampshire!  We decided to wait for one more clue yet, though

 We got Noah off to school and the Bean and I went to hang out with some of the lovely MOPS girls and their kiddos
Queen of the playroom

We came home to get some other odds and ends done (5 loads of laundry!) and have a tea party

Today was 100 days at school!

The rest of the evening has been good.  I'm including pictures/links of dinner but wouldn't recommend the salisbury steak for sure.  It was edible, but the frozen patties did NOT hold up so it was more hamburger gravy.  And the biscuits - awesome tasting but no way the dough was roll-out-able (not a word, I know).  So I made do.  They did really like them, though.  And the ice cream - well I've had that pinned to make for Grant for weeks.  He LOVED vietnamese coffee.  And he and NJ raved about the ice cream.  So 1 outta 3 tonight ain't bad, right?

I'm giving school a 50-50 chance tomorrow because of the cold.  But if so, the Bean is in school all day and I'm' doing Noah's party in the afternoon.  Should be wonderful!  So until then...

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