Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Now We're Cooking!

Well, no school again here today.  This Mama is going a bit kiddo crazy, so they BETTER go back tomorrow!  Here that FPS?  I know they're calling for another 3 inches overnight but those kiddos NEED to be in school tomorrow.  I NEED them to be in school tomorrow.  Hehehe.  Thank goodness for friends that are willing to come hang out to make the day fun!  (and bake!)  In the meantime, though, cupid made a visit this morning!  There was a note on the table for them telling them to check the fridge

Where they found strawberry milk!  That said "You are "berry" special!"  (I want a cupid!)

Then we had lots of friends to come and keep us company.  Princesses, super heroes, yep, all here!

And Amber and I got our bake on! 
Country Apple Fritter Bread - um yeah, TOTAL keeper recipe!

Um yeah, we made that.  Me and Amber - domestic goddesses, I'm tellin' ya

I was feeling refocused and recentered after this morning, so the kiddos and I ran an errand and then came home to play in the snow.  OK, I let them play in the snow.  My skinny self is still trying to thaw out after 2 play outings (and 3 shoveling experiences) in the past 48 hours.  Heck, they were thrilled, it's all good

They noticed this afternoon the flag was up, so we checked it out: 

Noah read us the following clue

Dear Detectives,
MOMG Intelligence has been picking up quite a bit of communication between Nita and her BAD henchman.  As we have learned, one of Nita’s favorite things to explore in each state she attempts to steal is to try out the local food.  From the conversations we’ve overheard, the cuisine in the state she is currently hiding on is very distinct.  It is strongly influenced by two groups of people who have settled in the state- the Creoles and the Cajuns.  Listening to Nita, we’ve learned a few interesting facts about the two styles:
1)       Creole cuisine uses tomatoes and proper Cajun food does not
2)     Creole food is often described as “City Food”
3)     Cajun food is better known as “Country Food”
During conversations, we have picked up quite a few different dishes and ingredients that has discussed with her BAD henchman.  We wanted to get that information to you as soon as possible, but wanted to not put it in this communication.  Enclosed, you will find a Word Search that MOMG Intelligence created containing nine words we have specifically heard Miss Direction discussing as of late.  It is our hope that the information above and the Word Search will aid you in your search for Nita.  Good luck, Detectives!
MOMG Intelligence

The Word Search was tough.  Possibly a little tougher than MOMG Intelligence had anticipated...  So I helped out :)  Here's the list of words we were searching for:


They took a look at the wall after we finished, but aren't feeling very strongly about any states yet.  Noah thinks it may be Alabama, so we moved it over to the possible locations list.  Any other guesses out there?

Noah's artwork for Uncle Scott tomorrow

Chicken Parmesan Cupcakes - yes please!  I love putting a spin on favorites around here.  Grant loves chicken parm and this was an easy, kiddo pleasing way to get it on the table tonight.  The recipe calls for popcorn chicken, but I ended up dicing up some chicken nuggets I already had in the freezer.  Aren't I economical ;-)

We had a dinner of Chicken Parmesan Cupcakes when Grant got home, and I'm about to head out on an errand while the kiddos get baths and ready for bed.  (Gee it's nice having Grant back!)  Tomorrow they ARE going back to school (Right, FPS????) and if all goes according to Hoyle the Bean and I are going to catch up with my Mom and Scott for lunch before he flies out for France!  Can't believe my brother is going to France for four months!  Lucky kid!  And who knows what else!  So until then...

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