Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow on a Bridge?

So that snow - yep, we got A LOT of it!  As in well over a foot.  I know because at the crack of dawn Grant and I were out shoveling it.  A lot of it.  So much so that Grant's office told them all to work from home today.  Bonus!  Which meant, a build your own waffle bar!

I used a new recipe for Overnight Waffles.  They were good but I like the one in my Better Homes and Gardens book..

We got ready to venture back out into the snow again (because Grant and I didn't manage to get finished the first time) when the kids noticed Cupid had left them a present 
It was a granola bar that said "You are the Best "Bar" None"

Then it was back into the snow for me and the kiddos while Grant got to work (though he was kind enough to take pictures) 

This is the back porch

Once I finished digging out, I did get in some playtime :)

Yes, the piles were high enough to sled!

We came back inside for hot chocolate - blue hot chocolate!
I made blue snowflakes out of Wilton's candy melts last night in preparation :)

Not the best shot, it was actually much bluer

We had noticed the flag was up first thing, but it was well after 11 before we had the chance to tackle it.  Nita left us the following 

My silly little Detectives,
Haven’t you caught me yet?  Honestly, it’s been a whole month now that you’ve been ‘chasing’ me and you’re not even close!  I’m so sure that your mixed-up little selves have no idea where I am, that I’m giving you a picture of it!  That’s right – a picture!  (It’s in the envelope, not that it’ll help you)
If that’s all not enough, I’m even going to help you figure out the name of the place in the picture.  Really, could I give it away any more?  So here’s what you do, also in the envelope is a bit of a puzzle for you.  Solve the puzzle and you’ll have the name of the place.  Easy, right?  Come and get me, kiddos!

The picture

And the puzzle - which was as follows:

To solve the puzzle, right the first letter of the clue on the line.  When you have correctly answered each of the clues you will spell out the location in the picture from Nita.

________   The first letter in the animal that Mary had.

________  The third letter in the third oldest Gatchel’s name.

________  The first letter in Grandma and Papa’s last name.

________  The first letter in Mikayla’s middle name.

________  The first letter in Mikayla’s favorite color.

________  The second letter in Noah’s middle name.

________  The first letter in the first name in the person you’re trying to catch.

________  You have an uncle that goes to Bowling Green – what’s the last letter in his name?

________  The fourth letter in your last name.

________  Your Mom crocheted something for each of you – what letter does it start with?

________  The first letter in the alphabet.

________  The first letter in the color of Noah’s room.

________  The first letter in the name of the dog that lives on McPherson Blvd in Fremont.

________  The first letter in the name of the hockey team that plays in Detroit.

________  The first letter in a fruit – Noah likes the yellow ones, but they can also be red and green.

________    The first letter in a food that has lots of flavors – a favorite here is Blue Moon.

________    The first letter in the word that means the opposite of day.

________    You have a dog – the first letter in her name.

________  The second letter in Daddy’s name.

________  The first letter in the name of a house built out of snow.

________  The first letter in the name of the person Aunt Shellie is married too.

________    The first letter in your last name.

________  The first letter in the name of an animal that has a trunk.

The worked on it together

To spell out Lake Pontchartrain Bridge.  Hmmm, wonder where that is....

In the meantime, we hung out, I made Homemade BBQ Chips to go with our dinner of  Root Beer Crock Pot Chicken and KFC Copycat Colelaw, the kiddos played, Grant worked - it was good :)

BBQ Potato chips - yum!

Then it was back outside for all our of us and the Janoch crew for awhile!

Ann and Arbor are officially buried!

Grant threw a shovelful of snow at Mikayla

So she retaliated with a shovel her own size :-p

Trying out our sledding hill

We came back inside for a yummy dinner and a movie since we learned - NO SCHOOL again tomorrow!

So it sounds like the I've got the Dynamic Duo again tomorrow.  I'm going to actually try to go brave the roads here in a bit because I noticed this morning that my winter coat has a HUGE tear in it.  Hmm, could be a problem.  So looks like we'll be up to more snow-tastic fun tomorrow.  Until then,,,

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