Thursday, February 19, 2015

Making the Cold Bear-Able

Apparently Mother Nature has decided that two days of Winter Break were just not enough around here.  School was closed today and we're closed again tomorrow, too.  Lovely.  And unfortunately, it's bitter cold, so even the thought of venturing out isn't all that appealing.  Didn't the groundhog see it's shadow or not see it's shadow or whatever it was supposed to do that meant Spring was going to be early this year?  Yeah, not really seeing that as a result here...  But we're making the most of it!

I was supposed to have MOPS today, but no school means no MOPS.  So MOPS came here :)  I am so blessed to have a house that is big enough to invite everyone over and let the kids just go to town while we just get to hang.  And even more blessed to have these two:

Who heard "everyone's coming over, we gotta do a quick clean" and jumped all over it this morning.

Thank you to all the lovely ladies who braved the chilly temperatures to come over today.  I know it was a great way for us to spend the snow day, so hope everyone else had fun as well!  

We have one new Mama and 2 soon to be Mama's, so they got to open some very neat baskets that everyone contributed to this morning!
Yeah for new Mama's!  (Well, again Mama's.  2nd for two of them and 3rd for one!)

So everyone stayed and hung out until close to one (and helped clean up - bless every single one of them!) and the kiddos and I finished the rest of the clean up, grabbed some lunch, and noticed the flag was up! 

Dear Detectives,

We were recently contacted by the nicest elderly lady in the city of Onward about a possible Nita sighting.  It seems that this lady was at the Onward Store purchasing a certain type of stuffed animal for her granddaughter that is said to have been inspired by events that took place nearby.  From what we were able to learn, the stuffed animal was created after the 26th President of the United State refused to shoot an animal on his hunting trip to Onward.  The story of the incident inspired a cartoonist to create a political cartoon that was run in the Washington Post in 1902.  A toy maker in New York then created a stuffed version of the animal that was named after the President.

We can’t determine the exact name of the animal from the information we’ve gathered, but we’re hoping you’ll be able to.  To assist you we are enclosing the pieces of what we believe to be the political cartoon that toy was inspired by.  Assemble the pieces correctly and hopefully you’ll be one step closer to figuring out where Nita is!  Good luck, Detectives!

MOMG Intelligence

So they got to work

And came up with this!  Noah was quick to recognize Theodore Roosevelt, and both said "Teddy Bear" as soon as he finished reading the clue

They glued it down and added it to the wall.  They are still feeling pretty confident about it being Mississippi

The Dynamic Duo was really pretty good all day (especially about cleaning up the rest of the house from this morning) so after we got the official word that school was closed again tomorrow, I told them we could do early baths, dinner and a movie tonight.  You would have thought they won the lottery.  I made this Loaded Tater Tot Pizza tonight using the Crazy Dough I made earlier in the week.

It earned thumbs up (the pizza) though I don't think I'll be rushing to make it again.  And the dough, Grant said it kind of tasted like a pretzel crust.  But it was a MESS - waaaaayyy sticky.  Think I'll go back to the drawing board on that one as well.
So they are now settled in with Despicable Me (aren't you proud, Aunt Shell???) for the evening.  I'm going to surprise them with "Annie" at the $1 theater in Warren tomorrow since we NEED to get out of the house (cold or not!).  And the Derby weigh-in is tomorrow night!  Saturday is race day and Sunday is a go-see at the TV station - so we'll be busy!  So until then...


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