Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Snow!

Depending where you live, you may have heard we're supposed to get some snow around here.  Turns out a LOT of snow.  Enough snow that as I type at 6:30 tonight, we've already had at least 7 inches fall today, it's supposed to keep falling overnight and they've cancelled school already.  My kids are in 7th heaven!  And what better way to start a snowy Sunday morning than with///

Chunky Monkey Pancakes - the crew LOVED these, by the way

There was also a surprise waiting for them - turns out we have a cupid! 

Cupid left them the following note:  
I am a little Cupid
And I’ve come to visit thee
To tell you that you are well loved,
By me especially.

So from now until the day of Valentine’s
Search high and low for things I’ve left behind.
Things to let you know for ever more
By me you are above all else most loved and adored.

For fourteen days I’ll visit you
And by then I hope you’ll know it’s true –

You are special
You are magnificent
There is no doubt
You were both heaven sent.

I hope you enjoy the gifts I leave
And in goodness and kindness always believe.

 I apparently forgot to take a picture of it, but their first 'gift' was a Capri sun with that said  "You're My Main Squeeze"

After breakfast and before Church Daddy got out the gifts he brought from Italy and showed us all the pictures he took.

The Bean got a sleeping mask - she's been wearing it all day!

I got some really amazing chocolates from a company in Turin (and some sparkly earrings!) 

We also got some orange biscottti

We got back from Church and headed out to start shoveling.  My 1pm we already had about 3 inches

This afternoon was spent watching the Puppy Bowl and hanging out!  Then we headed back out for another round of shoveling, quick showers and then THE SUPER BOWL!  We're completely impartial here (just gimme the commercials) but we're watching anyway.  And of course, that means I get to make fun food....

Remember earlier in the week when the kiddos and I made those chocolate chip cookies (thanks Nita!), knew I had a plan for them!

So like I said, no school tomorrow, but cutting this off so I can go watch the commercials.  Um, I mean, the game.  Go football!  (Better yet, I read today only 18 days 'til spring training starts.   Now you're speaking my language!)  More from here tomorrow (any guesses on where Nita's camped out?) so until then...

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