Sunday, December 28, 2014

Swimming Fun

 This morning, after we made it to Church, we met up with Grammy Caren and Papa Tom for lunch at Panera and then headed back to their hotel for some swimming!  The Bean may truly actually be a fish or mermaid - the girl (as the pictures will prove) is absolutely fearless.  Noah, on the other hand, had to ease into it for awhile.  But when all was said and done even Noah was jumping into the deep end and was most upset when we said it was time to head back to the house.  But we had to make it back here for the game!  Grant and I were most excited to watch the Lions take on the Packers (though not so much so for the results...) and everyone hung out, had some St. Louis style pizza and some candy cane s'mores (my latest creation), played with more toys and just relaxed.  It was a nice day and we've enjoyed having Caren and Tom for the past few days.  Back to 'reality', at least kind of, tomorrow.  The kids are off of school all week and we've got Washington to cover yet!  So until then...

The Bean jumping right in

It took Noah a bit more time to warm up to the idea of jumping and splashing, but he was happy to hang out and get adjusted

Back flips

Noah works on floating

And was finally ready to make his own jump

The Bean's flying leap

More NJ jumping

Playing, eating, game watching

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