Thursday, December 18, 2014

MOMG needs YOUR help!

Have you seen this sneaky looking lady?  Would you be willing to keep an eye out for her during 2015 and report any sightings to Detectives Noah and Mikayla Gatchel?  Do you live near (or will you be traveling to) any well-known sights or landmarks that you just may be willing to snap a picture of her at?

Then we need your help!  Here's how:

The beauty of our Miss Direction project is that you can help us out all year long no matter where you're from.  I'm looking for a few specific things:

1)  If you've been following along with the state project you may remember that my wonderful friend Corinne made "Flat Noah" and "Flat Mikayla"  I'd like to use the same idea to 'track' Miss Direction through the states.  If you live near a famous landmark or well-known locale or if you will be traveling to one before we get to that state (especially something that I covered during the state project) I'd love to have pictures of Miss Direction in these places to use as clues.  My current hope is to have one 'clue' each day - clues will range from pictures, to puzzles, to 'sightings' (see below), to food, to a craft - lots of different things.  The more clues, the easier it will be for the kiddos!  To help with this one I can either email you a picture of Miss Direction to print off, or I can give/send you a Flat Miss Direction to use.  Then simply snap a picture and email me off to me!  I will take them whenever - does not have to be when we are actually on her trail in that state.  Having them early wil help me know how many clues I will need that week.

2) If you can send us something from a specific state, something it is known or famous for, that'd be awesome.  Postcards, food, a picture - anything.  Here's the catch - it CAN NOT have the actual name of the state on it.  Again, I'll take these kind of things whenever!

3)  I need people to report 'sightings' of Miss Direction.  Don't worry - I'll help you out and even write what to cover.  Here's some ways to do so:

a)  Give us a call and leave them a message with the sighting.  The beauty of this one is you don't really have to be in that location.  Disguise your voice, don't leave a name, it won't matter!  We're also working on perhaps getting our own 'crime line' that you could call and directly speak to them.  As I said, I'm willing to even write your lines!
b) Send us a note/postcard/letter during the week we are tracking through that state.  Again - this is great because you can really do it from anywhere and I can help your write it.  The really big thing will to be NOT to mention the name of the state.  City names are great, though!  (I will black it out on envelopes, etc before they get it)  This would also be great if you know someone from a state that may be willing to help us out even though they don't know us :-p
c) Make a video and send it to us or skype with us!  This would be AWESOME for anyone that has sent us mail from their state already.  There are lots of you out there that they 'know' but may not directly remember what state you're from.  Again, I'll help!  I'm working on setting them up a youtube channel and skype account.  A video is also an option for those of you good at disguise :)

4) Any other help you want to give me!  Or ideas you have!  I am really flexible with this project.  My hope is to really utilize the information we've covered during the state project and use the research I've already done.  My little sponges can spout off facts about pretty much every state we've covered with little prompting and I'm hoping this will make it fun and easy for them to track and 'catch' Miss Direction.

So after all that, if you can help, I'd love to have you!  It takes a village, right?  So consider it and let me know.  I do have a complete list of what states fall when if that will help.  You can find me on Facebook (Kristi Kosakowski Gatchel) or via email at

And remember - our Detectives aren't in the loop yet!  I'm planning a big reveal for just after the first of the year before we start the official hunt on January 5th!

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