Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Food Cuteness and other Eruptions

Another day of quarantine, but refusing to let it get us down :)  Mikayla and I were again being Christmas Chefs this morning.  At Noah's request (the kid may be developing my pinterest infatuation...) we set out to make these Reindeer Marshmallows.  I wouldn't let him help, but he was all about watching :)  They turned out so stinkin' cute!  We also made some Dipped Marshmallows,
Candy Cane Kiss Pretzels and a chocolate peanut butter muddy buddy version just for Grant with the leftover chocolate from dipping.  (I couldn't let it go to waste, right?)

In order to get everything in this week, the kids went ahead and did their Wyoming coloring page.  Bet you can guess what they came up with...

Speaking of Wyoming, we tackled the fun geyser experiments that I had postponed.  First, I found this really cool Old Faithful Geyser experiment tutorial.  The kids loved it!  We didn't get gushing out the top (it did squirt a bit) but we discussed the why behind it and they really enjoyed it.  And just for fun, I had come across this Peep Geyser which we did just for grins.  It was mostly a mess but they laughed.

Then I worked on making Kayla's nails festive, Noah was working on a stained glass project Colleen had told me about it and the usual craziness ensued around here.  Grant's office shut down at 1 today (which means he was still there until 3 :p) so he was able to come home and hang out and play as well.  I also went ahead and did the Wyoming scrapbook page.  We've pretty much covered all I wanted to with Wyoming since Sunday and there's just going to be too much other stuff going on to try to cram anything else in.  Time to really enjoy the next few days!

Speaking of enjoying the next few days, posts over the next few days are going to be kind of hit and miss.  We're hanging out and then doing Church here in the Hills tomorrow and then are off to Fremont tomorrow night until Friday night!  (When we're *hoping* to do the Lights!)  So if I don't *talk* to you before - Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope that you and yours have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of the Savior and enjoy every minute of it :)  Blessings for a wonderful day full of love and joy!  So until then...

Doing his 'good deed' for the day from the Advent Tree - with a smile even!

We made a lasagna for dinner tonight with the rest of our cheese from Wisconsin week

Oh yes, this is how utter cuteness begins

Dipping marshmallows (which we're going to use in hot chocolate tonight while we watch Home Alone)

OMG the food cuteness may overwhelm me!

Gotta work on her stirring skills a bit...

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen!

Laying out the kisses

These are some of my faves!

Noah's Wyoming - complete with the Rodeo, Coal and Old Faithful

Mikayla's Wyoming has Yellowstone and her holding a piece of coal (bad pic, she actually did a really good job)

Preparing our geyser experience

We have steam and water!

Lots of steam

Snowman peeps, gotta love it

The kids kept saying "they're smiling now but they won't be"

Into the microwave

They geyser erupted and fell over

Christmas nails!

Aunt Shell would be proud!

Red and Green sparkles of course

Even lunch was festive around here

Noah hard at work

Aren't they pretty?  Thanks for the idea Colleen!

Wyoming scrapbook page = complete!

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