Saturday, December 6, 2014

St. Nicholas Brings Germs

 Did St. Nick stop by your house?  He came here last night, and along with shirts, chap stick and a few treats he apparently brought some germs just for my NJ.  Poor kiddo has been running a 102 fever on and off throughout the day.  Has made for a kind of crazy mixed up Saturday.  He was OK this morning, then went off to Home Depot with Grant an the Bean for their build.  Then Grant dropped him off with me so he and I could go do some shopping for Mikayla's birthday while Grant and Bean went downtown to check out the Holly Days festivities.  I had quite a lethargic Noah with me.  He wasn't cranky or unhappy, just kind of 'blah.'  And Grant texted and said that Holly Days was kind of a bust as well.  So when we made it back home to meet up for lunch I wasn't overly surprised to find Noah was running quite the temperature.  Children's Motrin, fluids and a nap and Grant and I had to regroup.  The original plan yesterday had been for all four of us to head downtown for the light parade and then home for dinner and maybe a movie.  But then this morning the kids said they'd rather go do some shopping with Grant and go to dinner.  (A few hours of quiet for me, wasn't going to complain!)  But there wasn't any way I was going to let Noah go out again.  And we didn't really want the kiddos sharing any more germs than were necessary.  I'm not 100% sure what's wrong with NJ and if it wasn't what Kayla had before Thanksgiving I really don't want her getting anything else.  So Grant and Kayla headed back downtown for the parade, out to dinner and then shopping while NJ and I stayed home and wrapped our purchases from earlier and worked on another set of Christmas presents the kids are making.  Don't want to ruin it but I am tickled pink with the way they turned out.  Every so often Pinterest comes through :-p

What does all this mean?  Well, Noah's currently still running a fever so not sure if he's going to be making the trip to Fremont tomorrow to help put up the tree or not.  We're to be celebrating Kayla's birthday so at least she and I are going.  We'll re-evealuate in the morning to see what's going on.  Ugh, I HATE germs.  Here's for going with the flow!  So until then...

Missouri Fun Fact of the Day:  During Abraham Lincoln's campaign for the presidency, a Democrat named Valentine Tapley from Pike County, Missouri, swore that he would never shave again if Abe were elected. Tapley kept his word and his chin whiskers went unshorn from November 1860 until he died in 1910, attaining a length of twelve feet six inches.

St. Nick visited Noah

And the Bean (Aunt Sarah, take note of which shoes she left out...)

So - we got to try AUTHENTIC gooey butter cake.  The Janoch's so kindly made an order from their favorite St. Louis bakery, Lubeley's and got a cake just for us!  (Well actually, we were all supposed to get to share it this morning but the dang germs hit their house on Thursday...)

So here's the real deal

My crew decided they liked both versions!

One giant sprinkle marshmallow left over from the Princess tea downtown - this girl has all the luck

The sickie and I stayed home to craft

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