Thursday, December 4, 2014

How Missouri Cashews

I was JUST beginning to think I was safe.  Four days into December and I had yet to hear "The Christmas Shoes" song.  Not kidding, was just thinking about it this morning.  So of course that means I turned on the radio this morning and it was playing.  Which is instant waterworks for me. Every. Single. Time.  And you think, by now, I'd be smart enough to TURN THE STATION.  Nope, I'm glutton for punishment.  It's like "Gee Kristi, need a good cry?  Here ya go!"  Oy vey!  Crap, getting misty eyed just thinking about it again.  Moving on!

The Bean and I started our day at a lovely craft filled MOPS meeting where I got to make a very cute clothes pin wreath to use as a card holder.  I'm delighted with it (thanks again for the awesome craft, Katie!) and have already put it to use.  After the meeting we popped over to the mall really quick to grab the white chocolate peppermint tea I fell in love with at Teavana last week  (Thanks MIL and FIL for my bday present finally used!).  Then it was home for some dinner prep and house prep in general.  Getting ready for the big cookie baking extravaganza tomorrow morning and then the St. Nick party tomorrow night.

Speaking of St. Nick....  Big news around here.  St. Nick is apparently visiting OLS tomorrow afternoon for a presentation all about his life.  And they've invited the pre-schoolers to the event as well.  Well, since it's late afternoon, they've also invited the pre-schoolers to stay all day tomorrow. So my VERY excited Bean is going to be in school all day tomorrow.  She is about over the moon - we already have her lunch packed and her book bag ready.  The Mama on the other hand, is not sure how to feel about it...  All day school tomorrow, five next Sunday...  Guess she's not really my baby anymore.  (Geesh, like I needed another reason to cry today!)

When NJ got home the kiddos tackled their Missouri coloring page.  I won't spoil it for you so check out the pictures below.

For dinner tonight I tried my hand at Springfield Style Cashew Chicken.  The dish has its origins in Springfield, well at least the deep fried version does!  It was first served at the Grove Supper Club in 196 by Chef David Leong.  Instead of stir-frying the chicken, as was done in the classic dish, he deep-fried the chicken chunks. He then covered them with the typical sauce made from chicken stock, soy sauce and oyster sauce, and added the handful of cashews. He also included chopped green onions as a twist and it became an immediate hit with the local crowd.  So there you have it, in Missouri it's deep fried goodness!  My crew was on board tonight (though I don't think anything I make this week will live up to the pizza from last night, not to mention the cake.) and there just so happened to be a piece of the cake left so all was well.

Lots on tap for tomorrow (most of which I've already noted above, so not rehashing) and a post might be late in coming up.  But there will be one!  So until then...

Missouri Fun Fact of the Day:  Situated within a day’s drive of 50% of the U.S. population, Branson and the Tri-Lakes area serves up to 65,000 visitors daily.

Such a cute idea!

Mikayla's Missouri

She was very dutifully explaining it to me...

The Arch and ice cream cones - you expected anything else?

Noah's got Tom Sawyer's picket fence, the Arch, Ice Cream Cones and Budweiser

Springfield Style Cashew Chiken

Dinner time!

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