Monday, December 22, 2014

Coal in my stocking and further proof I must have been bad this year...

I hate germs.  With a passion.  I am so over them this year that I can't even put it into words.  Noah started throwing up again overnight which resulted in another trip to the doctor's office this morning.  Great way to start break, right?  Doc says he's got some kind of stomach bug and him just being off of his antibiotics for strep has only made it worse.  Go figure.  So we're in quarantine. Again.  Still.  (And I'm whining, I know.  I'm sorry.  Skip to the fun pictures, I wouldn't blame you)  And I've been trying my best to keep Thing 1 and Thing 2 apart as I REALLY don't want it to be about 10am on Wednesday morning and the Bean comes down with it, too.  So Noah has done quite well entertaining himself all day (between lego and lightbright I didn't hear much from him other than to complain that I wouldn't feed him.  Not risking that one again yet...) and Kayla and I became "Christmas Chefs" as she has told me continuously.

We started out with  Christmas Coal Popcorn in honor of Wyoming being the nation's leading coal producer.  I liked this one better than the edible coal we made for West Virginia - thought it looked more real :)  Plus this would be a great funny stocking stuffer.

From there we made Chocolate Mint Muddy Buddy mix that was inspired by this recipe for Orange Creamsicle Muddy Buddy Mix.  We followed the recipe but used the chocolate mint flavoring packet.  Love it!  And it turned out such a pretty green color.  The we tried Peppermint Crunch Puppy Chow (we had quite the time with the food processor today) and though I don't have a recipe for it, we also made Egg Nog Puppy Chow.  I had snagged a bag of egg nog flavored Wilton melting disks (OMG - YUM!) and used those and then tossed the resulting mixture in powdered sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.  (Yay for me own creations!)

Then we started on the cookies.  I saw this recipe for Rainbow Cookies the other day and thought the red and green ones would be so much fun!  We made (sans the chocolate chips) one batch of each.  About half we swirled the two together and left them that way and the other half, we of course had to frost and decorate.  The Bean started in on making snowmen which of course meant I needed to get in on the action as well (ah cute food!) and she did a fabulous job.

We then set out to make some cake pops (which I've never done before!) based on this idea for Little Debbie Cake Pops.  We actually used a box of "Fancy Cakes" and got 12 perfect sized pops which we dipped in peppermint crunch Wilton melts.  We used the rest of the melts to coat some of the Oreo Truffles we made (just for Grant) and ended up drizzling the end of the rest.

If all that wasn't enough...  We're *supposed* to be hosting brunch here on Wednesday and I'm a little ahead of the curve (hahaha) and had my recipes picked out and ingredients bought.  So Kayla and I made these Glitter Grapes in red and green which we really hope to share with everyone on Wednesday.  If not, more grapes for us, right?  I'm trying really hard here, people...

You'll forgive me, but we have opted to move the geyser experiment until tomorrow.  (Can't imagine why) It'll give you all something to come back and see, right?  My little Christmas Chef has her eye on two more recipes tomorrow as well, so we'll see how that all pans out.  Until then...

Wyoming Fun Fact of the Day:  The Red Desert in south central Wyoming drains neither to the east nor to the west. The continental divide splits and goes around the desert on all sides leaving the basin without normal drainage

My penguin at breakfast

She was so excited to get started - especially when I told her she could use her own kitchen gear.   So we got to work on the coal

Which made one big lump that we had to break up later

So onto some Mint Chocolate muddy buddies

This was her favorite part - shaking it up!

Beautiful (this isn't the best picture, but it is a really pretty light green color)

Break to taste test the coal

Then dumping in the plethora of smashed up candy canes to make peppermint crunch puppy chow

Again, not the greatest pic but this is tasty and pretty with chunks of candy cane all over it

Onto some red and green cookies

Had to mix the red dough in the red bowl of course

Aren't they cute?

Unwrapping the cakes so we could make cake pops

Her favorite part - smashing them all up and rolling them into balls

Onto some oreo truffles just for Daddy

The Peppermint and Mint Chocolate all dry and ready to be bagged up

And we broke the coal into pieces

Time to frost!

And decorate

While Noah continues to entertain himself with the cars he was building with Lego

Mikayla made a snowman

So I had to as well


Putting the sticks in the cake pops

We had another recipe to use the egg nog melts on but decided to experiment with our egg nog puppy chow instead - good call!

More shaking

Cake pops were firm and ready to dip

So she went to town (I'm telling you the girl is a chef in the making)

Ta da!

We dipped a few of the truffles but then went for the drizzle

And a sprinkle of candy canes

Noah grabbed the camera to show us what he was up to...

Time for some glitter grapes

Rolling them all out

Believe it or not, even the red ones start as green grapes!  How festive :)

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