Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Star Is Born

 This is how our day in the 'Mont ended:
Future American Idol?
I think it's safe to say that my soon to be five year old had one fantastic day.  I think it's safe to say it for quite a few reasons 1) I had a fantastic day myself 2) she behaved fabulously and said thank you about a bazillion times on our way home 3) She fell asleep pretty much decked out exactly like the picture above :)

This morning we were sad to find that NJ was still running a fever and complaining about his throat.  So we regrouped again, decided the boys would stay and Kayla and I would go to Church and then head to the 'Mont.  We made it around 2pm in time to watch the Lions game, have Aunt Shell and MIkayla make it snow all over Papa's Village, welcome Grandma back from her trip to Minneapolis and then decorate the tree.  It looks GORGEOUS!  (Kudos to Dad, Shell and Dudley for getting it up an all the lights on it - no small feat I assure you)  Then it was pretzel pizza, lots of presents and ice cream cake!  We even got in (well, Mom, Shell, Dudley and Kayla did, I got to watch) a round of the new Cinderella game.  We hit the road, the Bean got to watch Cinderella on the way (thanks Aunt Sarah!) and found the boys had survived, but NJ is continuing to run a fever.  So Grant and I are currently working on a plan to juggle tomorrow to get him into see a doc first thing.  Stupid germs...  Not sure what tomorrow will look like now, so until then... 

Do you wanna build a snowman?


Blizzard M (Michelle and Mikayla)

Striking a pose pre-ornaments

This is the ornament my Dad picked when we all went to Bronner's last month

Why we keep Dudley around :)  (Just kidding!)

Tried to play with the panoramic on the camera (with no success) to try to get in the whole village...

After a lot of cajoling the Bean let me garland her :)

Opening presents

Thanks Aunt Sarah!

The seemingly unending bag from Aunt Shell and Uncle Dudley

Big girl brush

Pink sparkly shoes!

Which she had to break in by jumping

Opening something from Noah

She loved it - good job big bro!

Tights from Grandma and Papa (polka dots!)

Cutest PJ's ever - don't let the pug beds bite!

Grandma found this Rudolph purse special in Minnesota

She LOVED it

CAKE! (Is that the write way to type it Mom?)

Blowing out one pink candle

And putting on a show all decked out

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