Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mikayla the Magnificent

As if there was any doubt, the Bean rocked her Christmas program this morning!  Not only did she look absolutely adorable - but she nailed her line!  No small feat when you are asking four and five year olds to recite lines such as hers: "B is for Bethlehem, crowded and old, birthplace of Jesus by prophets foretold."  Yeah, because the after pre-kindergartner TOTALLY says this like that.  Oh well, she totally nailed it (one of the very few kids you could actually hear and understand) and the rest of the show was cute as well.  You don't need my babbling, the pictures definitely speak for themselves.

She was out early so after a quick stop back at home to dump her loot (and for me to hang the gorgeous ornament she made Grant and I on the tree) we went out to (successfully!) tackle the end of her Christmas shopping.  We got home in time for her to help me make these Turtle Bars  (brought to you by Former Governor of Wisconsin Tommy G. Thompson!) for tonight's dessert (and for me to take to MOPS tomorrow :) ) She was so excited because she got to use the new kitchen gear Grandpa Gary got her for Christmas.  She is absolutely delighted to have her OWN stuff for our kitchen adventures.  She also got a bit of a jump on the "We've Been There" state to help out her brother.

Who had a big day of his own!  Noah was asked to be a representative for his class in a video they are shooting to talk about the first grade math program at Beechview.  He too has been practicing his line all week and they were shooting the actual video today.  He came home from school bubbling that it had gone well, so can't wait to see it!  They did, by the way, finish the state and yep, all the Gatchel's got a sticker!

I had picked an easy dinner of  Noodles & Co. Wisconsin Mac & Cheese (copycat recipe) for dinner tonight because we, yet again, are split up this evening.  My kids LOVE this macaroni and cheese (there is a fierce debate between which is better - this or Panera).  I think this kind is interesting because unlike traditional mac and cheese the sauce is completely separate - you mix it yourself!  It was a cinch to put together and I decided to use the whey from our cheese making adventures yesterday to try this Buttermilk Drop Biscuits to go with it.  Bonus points for making use of everything!!  Holding on to both of these recipes as the crew cleaned up.

And a good thing too because as I said, we're off in separate directions again tonight.  Noah and Grant are off at Cub Scouts a nd I had really been hoping for the Bean and I to get the chance to hang out, wrap our purchases from today and watch some Christmas movies.  Unfortunately, the pre-holiday attitude that always seems to happen has been rearing its ugly bed and she found herself in bed shortly after the boys left.  So looks like I'm wrapping solo!   *Sigh*  Most likely (maybe?  ugh germs!) going to MOPS in the morning for the wonderful Christmas celebration Julie's put together, a few quick errands, the kids color Wisconsin and I've decided to throw tomorrow's menu on its ear based on yesterday's creation and make something completely different!  So until then...

Wisconsin Fun Fact of the Day:  Wisconsin is the dairy capital of the United States and is sometimes called "America's Dairyland." It has more dairy cows than any other state (1,500,000), produces more milk than any other state -- and 15% of the entire country's milk.

Isn't she lovely?

Sorry some are blurry (I've edited to what turned out best!) This was her reciting her line

Grrr, wish this wasn't blurry :-p

Waiting patiently for everyone to have a turn


Saying the "Angel of God"

Jumping for Jesus

If you've spoken to her recently she may have recited the "5 Little Christmas Trees" this is the Christmas trees crying 'cause they didn't have a home

Then chop went the ax!

Cutest. Reindeer. Ever.  (It's very possible if someone wants to fact check me that I typed this same sentence about her brother two years ago...)

Joining hands

To take a bow

I was so proud (I did cry she tickled me so)

Had a Grandma approach me after the show and tell me they specifically noticed Mikayla during the show and asked if we had considered letting her model or act.  Oh buddy...

Daddy came too!

All that hard worked deserved a cookie.  Or three

Speaking of hard work....

Such a pro - stirring caramel while keeping an eye on the stuff in the microwave

Ready for the oven!

Helping her brother with the state today

Holy cow, only two to go!

It's officially up!

Buttermilk drop biscuits

The cheese sauce for the mac & cheese

A la Noodle & Co Wisconsin Mac & Cheese

Our finished Turtle bars


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  1. We are giving the Mac N Cheese a try tonight! :)