Friday, August 1, 2014

See you in Georgia!

Well, we're off here shortly, but we managed to wrap up our New Jersey activities before departure this morning (yay for planning ahead!).  The kids are SUPER excited but I have to say, have been remarkably well-behaved given that they've been ready to go for hours now :-p  Heading to Cinci tonight, can't wait to catch up with the fam there soon.  I'll post more when I'm able, but until then...

New Jersey Fun Fact of the Day:  The state seashell, the knobbed whelk, (Busycon carica gmelin) is found on all beaches and bays of New Jersey.

Got the New Jersey scrapbook page done

Noah's New Jersey

My very giggly wound up son couldn't explain to me the duck and dog he drew, but otherwise that's him with the lightbulb, the word Diner and a lighthouse

The Bean attempted to draw light bulbs and the Monopoly game board to represent New Jersey

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