Thursday, July 31, 2014

Driving In

Just a quick post tonight as I'm busy getting us packed and organized to head out tomorrow, but plenty of pictures of today's adventures.  If you weren't able to guess, in tribute to the first Drive-In Movie Theater which opened in Camden, New Jersey, today we built our own indoor version!  Grant snagged some big boxes from work and the kids spent a good chunk of the day designing their own 'cars' to watch our double feature of "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events"  (which feature's NJ's own Meryl Streep) and "Annie" which you may not know was shot mostly in New Jersey, including the epic bridge scene at the end.  Smaller boxes were even turned into vehicles for some of the stuffed animals.  I knew the kids would love doing this and its given me the chance to get a jump on the laundry, packing and endless planning/organizing that goes with going on vacation.  At this point I need a vacation from going on vacation!

For dinner tonight, I kept it super simple Campbell's Soup (tomato for Grant, chicken noodle for the kids) and Grilled Cheese.  Got a New Jersey nod in and kept it ridiculously simple - love it!  And I tried to convince everyone that I wanted to make these Jersey Shore Ice Cream Sandwiches but with superman ice cream, but both kids agreed they'd much rather have just the ice cream.  Well, it was the thought!  Everyone was happy, I'm not going to make waves!

Alright, just so everyone's on the up and up, we are heading out tomorrow and will be gone until next weekend.  I moved Georgia week so we will be 'celebrating' while we are there.  I think there's internet access at our house, but posts will probably be spotty for the next week or so.  And as much as I love Georgia, no huge blog recap.  Like Michigan, I'll be 'showing' it to the kids and all of our readers next week.  And then my slightly insane self planned New York week when we get back  So wasn't thinking ahead on that one...  Oh well, it's an adventure!  Off to more packing, so until then next time...

New Jersey Fun Fact of the Day:  North Jersey has more shopping malls in one area than anywhere else in the world. There are seven major malls located in a 25 square mile radius. (For my Bean)

Starting assembly on their vehicles

Setting up the Drive-In

The animals came, too - and yes, if you look very closely Noah's car has a 'side car' for Iron Man

Driving in!

Does it get any more classic than this?

Hmmm, forgot that I haven't gotten a picture of the Jersey wall up until now - oops!


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