Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Grant!

 We spent our Saturday celebrating the head honcho around here!  Happy Birthday to my one and only, my always and forever!  We also spent a great afternoon at a birthday party for one of my MOPS friends kiddos.  It was great to go and get to hang out and see everyone, even if I spent a chunk of it locked in a battle of wills with a certain six year old...  I hate picking a hill to die on some days.  

Heading to Howell in the morning for some shopping (got Kayla's closet finished - and I was mortified to find she is now out of Michigan (other than the shirt I'm letting her wear tomorrow for the last time due to where we're going) and Tigers gear.  Forget all the other clothes she needs - this is a MAJOR situation around here that I've promised to rectify ASAP.  And maybe some school clothes as well ;-)  And then we're off to Ann Arbor for the Kids Club Kick Off Party.  Plus I may have one or two more North Carolina things for us to wrap up.  So until then...

North Carolina Fun Fact of the Day: Know as "Fish Town" in the early 1700's when Blackbeard frequented the coast, "Beaufort Town" was established as a seaport with the right to collect customs, in 1722

The Bean got Grant a puzzle of Michigan Stadium

Looks like I know what Grant and I will be up to tonight...

Noah got him a Lego Set for them to do together

Birthday Frosting filled cookies - a must!

Well said shirt, well said (Thanks for photo bombing, Bella)

And I got Grant an outdoor table

Complete with Tigers logo!

We can't wait to try it out

Then we decided to go Mini Putting!

(Alright, tons of fun AND a North Carolina link, love it!)


I won (by a lot) but everyone had a really good time!  We went to The Golf Center in Royal Oak and would definitely recommend it

I managed to get North Caroina's scrapbook page finished today

The boys were having so much fun with the Lego (we learned last week that Lego translates from Dutch meaning "play well" so it is not to be made plural.  Who knew!)

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