Sunday, August 10, 2014

Settling back in

As expected it's been a day of tying up loose ends and getting readjusted to being back in the Hills.  While going on vacation is always wonderful, it is nice to be home again.  The lawn was mowed, the laundry caught up, mail was sorted - you know, all those fun things that you get to put back in order after being gone for awhile.

In addition, we had some Georgia odds and ends to tie up for the State Project.  Noah (with an assist from Grandma) had cut out the letters for the We've Been There state in Ellijay, so we got that put up (everyone got a sticker!) on the wall.

We then had some mail to open!  My friend, Jen is a Georgia transplant!  When she and her family were down visiting earlier in the summer she picked up some really great stuff for the kiddos.  I had been holding on to the package until we got back and this morning they got to open it up and check it out.  There was a fun Christmas ornament, boiled peanuts (which we haven't tried yet), a couple piece of pirate's gold. some true southern pralines and a bunch of really neat postcards.  She also included information about locations she was familiar with, mostly the Savannah area.  Many thanks to the wonderful Jen for taking time out of her trip to remember the kiddos and help us out with the state project.  Also, have to say that she gave me tons of ideas for neat things to check out when we went on vacation and I appreciate being able to pick her brain!

The kiddos also did their Georgia coloring book pages, which made me smile.  Noah's is full of his tubing adventure and climbing all 425 stairs to the top of Amicolola Falls and Mikayla included her tubing, her jumping off the rocks into the creek and OF COURSE, her trip to Babyland General Hospital with CK.  Both totally earned spots of honor in my kitchen as this week's state artwork.  Think I'll smile and remember our trip every time I see them.

I also managed to get the Georgia scrapbook page done today (never a dull day, even straight back from vacation!).  The kids enjoyed taking a few minutes to flip through all the pages so far and Mikayla informs me we've now done 30 states.  Not sure if that's right or not, but we'll go with it.

In other unrelated news, but super exciting if all that wasn't enough today we also got in two other things.  First, a trip to the library since Noah won free ice cream from the summer reading program and we had to go pick up his coupons!  Second (and really really exciting for me) I got a new computer!  Not working off of it yet (lots to transfer off this one, good thing I've got such a tech savvy husband) but hopefully here soon.  The kids may be even more excited than I am as I told them they can use (supervised) this laptop now.

Alright, posting a little early as we're hoping to take a bike ride after dinner and then I've got to dive into my New York research for tomorrow.  Oops, may be a little behind the curve this week :-p  You'll have to bear with me, New York is epic enough as it is, hopefully I'll be able to catch up.  More tomorrow, but until then...

Hey - we've been there!

Opening their 'mail'

Pirate's Gold!

Boiled peanuts - we're going to try them, we'll let you know what we think

Mmm, this was a little more up our alley and we had to open this

Lots of fun postcards - thanks so much Jen!

Noah's Georgia - the far left is the river and him rafting down it.  I am to tell you that the orange lines across the river are the different bridges you could get out at.  The far right is the waterfall and Noah hiking to the top (it looks much better in person, promise)

And I thought it was awesome

Kayla's Georgia - (I think I took this upside down...) the far right is her tubing the red is Babyland and the brown is her jumping off the rocks into the creek

It's official - Georgia is scrapped, too :)

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