Friday, August 22, 2014

Challenge Accepted!

Late last night, my brother Scott nominated Noah and Mikayla for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  They were both ridiculously excited, and as you will hear Mikayla say in the video below she was "happy to do this"  They took it like troopers and have agreed to a few extra chores around the house as well so Grant and I will be making their donation for them.  We talked about ALS, the people if effects and why the challenge was going on.  I am so PROUD of my duo right now.

They also each got to nominate three people.  I promise I had nothing to do with their nominations.  You can hear below, but in case you missed it: Noah called out Grant, Uncle Dudley and Miss Ali and Mikayla has called upon Grandma, Aunt Shell and Aunt Sarah to accept her challenge.

More about our day later, but wanted to make sure this got out there as soon as they did it!

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  1. Love the videos and I accept Mikayla's challenge - plan on making my video tomorrow! This is great. So proud of both of them for accepting the challenge AND earning their donations. Gold stars all around!!