Saturday, August 16, 2014

Melon Festival Fun!

 Wanted to get the pictures up from this morning's adventure.  We had a fabulous time at the Howell Melon Festival - hands down one of my favorite all year for sure.  We came home with more free swag than the kids knew what to do with!  Face painting, melon ice cream, shopping, kites, spin art and even slurpees on the way home.  Geesh, spoiled kiddos for sure.  We had some time to calm down with a movie this afternoon and then celebrated Grant and Keith's birthday as well.  Off to the Tigers game shortly!

This was the coolest Lego display!  Complete with a moving train - Noah was captivated

The boys could have stayed all day

Mikayla building too

She had her face painted for the game!

Noah got a flame face

What do you call the cross between a bear and a tiger???

Spin Art!

How many candles????

Opening presents

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  1. I know what you call a cross between a tiger and a bear - Mikayla!!