Friday, August 22, 2014

Kremed to a Krisp!

If you saw my earlier post you know we've had quite the day!  The Dynamic Duo (like the true troopers they are) embraced the challenged issued to them by their Uncle Scott to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  You can go back to the earlier post to read about it and see their videos.  Still can't stop smiling over the whole thing.

As for the rest of the day, we started our morning off with one of the most fun adventures of North Carolina week - a trip to an actual Krispy Kreme store!  We had so much fun watching how they made the donuts right there as we watched.  The kids got a (free!) glazed donut right off the line (Noah blazed through it in about 30 seconds) and of course we snagged a dozen to bring home with us.  Including a couple of carrot cake ones (their requests for breakfast) and banana pudding ones.

We spent the rest of the morning (and early afternoon) out birthday shopping for a certain someone and also for a couple of cool kiddos we are going to celebrate tomorrow afternoon.  I love what the kids picked for Grant - it makes me so happy to see what they associate with him and how kind and thoughtful they are.  You'll have to check back tomorrow for pictures of their purchases.

We did the ice bucket challenge and then this afternoon they earned their donation money by cleaning out their school boxes that they keep their projects in (we had to narrow it down to about 10 keeper projects.  With Noah especially this is always quite the challenge).  And Kayla and I started to tackle cleaning out her drawers and closet.  (Noah and I did his the other day)  Little did I realize that this would pretty much making shopping necessary this weekend - I took probably 4/5 of Kayla's wardrobe from her!  She's tall and skinny (hhmm, wonder where she gets that) and everything is just too short on her!  Guess we better get on that...

For dinner tonight I switched up my original plan to use our Krispy Kreme purchase by making these (artery clogging) Krispy Kreme Peanut Butter Dream sandwiches.  There are no words for these.  Honestly.  Grant made noises I can't even figure out how to type.  I had a happy crew tonight.

They were even happier taking baths, getting into PJ's and piling into the car to head to Warren to watch the fireworks!  So we're off here shortly and I wanted to get a quick post up before we headed out.  Tossing around idea for tomorrow, we'll for sure be doing some birthday celebrating!  So until then...

North Carolina Fun Fact of the Day: White Lake near Elizabethtown is very unique in that it has a white sandy bottom and is blessed with crystal clear waters. It has also been labeled as the "Nation's Safest Beach." It is truly a child's paradise in that there are no currents, no tides, no hazardous depressions or real dangers of any kind to swimmers.

Outside Krispy Kreme

Watching them make the donuts

A taste test hot off the line - how cool!  

Enjoying their treat- both told me that these were now their new favorite donuts and that this is what they want for their birthday breakfast this year

Our assortment

The inner workings of dinner

Doesn't look like much, but yum!

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