Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friendly Thursday Fun!

We are getting the most we possibly can out of the last days of our summer break, especially when it comes to time with our friends.  We've been so busy most of the summer that we've really missed seeing everyone!  So it was wonderful to spend a few hours this morning at the park with some of my favorite ladies and their kiddos.  It was funny because Alyson and I had made plans to meet up for awhile and then a couple of our other MOPS ladies showed up as well!  It was at least a part of the group play time which was fabulous!

The kiddos and I made a quick pit stop at home for a bite to eat then headed off to the mall for their "Thursday Fun" time, this week featuring the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum!  We haven't had the chance to actually go there yet but have been wanting to so this was tons of fun.  (Oh, we also stopped to use their free pretzel coupons from last week - yum!)  Noah was especially taken with the nitrous oxide and dry ice experiments they did.  We had gotten there early enough that they snagged free ice cream coupons (only good today, of course!) that we had to stop and use.  (Yep, pretzels and ice cream just because today, I'm such a crummy mom :-p)  Mint Chocolate Chip for the Bean and Cookie Dough for Noah - kids after my own heart.

This afternoon they worked on their coloring pages for North Carolina.  Mikayla has been telling me all week that her favorite part of North Carolina was the Cheerwine, so I knew that'd be making an appearance.  You may be surprised to see what else made an impression on them.

To round out our day with friends, two of the kiddos friends from MOPS joined us for dinner and playtime tonight so their very hard working and amazing parents could get some time together.  I had already decided to do an easy meal of Country Ham Sandwiches for dinner tonight (Ok, the adults had the official version, the kids were happy picking and choosing what they wanted on theirs!) so a crowd pleasing meal that everyone could customize to their liking - fabulous!  For dessert I made a Traditional North Carolina Blueberry Sonker.  According to the recipe, a Sonker is a North Carolina take on Cobbler, so we had to try it out.  Blueberries have been a prime crop in North Carolina for about the past seventy years and it is the official state blue berry.  (It also has an official state red berry - the strawberry!).  Perfect with ice cream!

The kids all had a blast playing together.  They all did stellar with dinner, ran around like crazy, were joined with some other friends for more playing and dessert and got into PJ's without any fuss for a bit of "Monsters, Inc." watching.  If only every evening was so much fun!

Looking forward to tomorrow.  The kids and I have some top secret shopping plans (birthday on Saturday who?) and we're going to an actual Krispy Kreme store!  We've also been discussing and hope to continue to work on tomorrow, building our own mini putt-putt course here at home.  (Just like this first one from North Carolina maybe?)  Plus, as long as it's not still under water, we're hoping to head to Warren for the city's birthday bash, including fireworks tomorrow night.  Can't wait!  So until then...

North Carolina Fun Fact of the Day:  Many people believe that North Carolina was the first state to declare independence from England with the Mecklenburg Declaration of 1775.

Pretzels at the mall

Learning about science fun



Noah was completely captivated

They got coupons for free ice cream

Which we of course had to use

I picked up some new bling for Sasha today - any guesses as to what it says??

Working on his drawing

Mikayla's North Carolina - that's her airplane on the left, two bottles of cheerwine 'clinking together' in the middle and a hole of miniature golf on the right

Noah's North Carolina - that's a venus fly trap on the left which only grows in North Carolina in the whole US, a bottle of Pepsi, four bottles of Cheer Wine and the Wright Brothers plane

Country Ham Sandwich

The gang feasting

Blueberry Sonker

Settling in for a movie

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