Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Getting over the Hump Day North Carolina Style

Not feeling a whole lot like posting a long drawn out blog today - it's been a long day here at Casa de Gatchel.  All good when it comes to the Dynamic Duo, just a tough one for me personally.  Tomorrow I plan to wake up having grown three new layers of super thick skin overnight and take on the day with a huge smile.  But until then, hope my blog readers will be happy with some pictures of our day and a few North Carolina fun things.  Promise to be back tomorrow :)  So until then...

North Carolina Fun Fact of the Day: The United States Army was trying to develop an airplane, but the plane wouldn't fly. The New York Times wrote that maybe in 1 to 10 million years they might be able to make a plane that would fly. Only eight days later Wilbur and Orville Wright were successful in flying the first manned plane in Kitty Hawk. It cost them less than $1,000 to build.

Working on the "We've Been There"" state today

North Carolina Fun

Ready for the wall

Pain Perdu (French Toast) Roanoake (Lost Bread) - This is jazzed up cornbread french toast basically.  My crew loved it - Grant compared to eating a hush puppy

Cheerwine tonight!


Moravian Spice Crisps - Moravians, members of a Protestant religious group, have been rolling out ultrathin spice cookies since they settled in Winston-Salem, NC, in the 1700s. 

Think think thin gingerbread crossed with more of the spices of pfeffernusse

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