Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Fun

We were off bright and early to Fremont this morning for the annual Kosakowski golf and BBQ Labor Day outing.  Many thanks to my Aunt MaryAnn for keeping the kiddos for the day so I could actually join the golfing festivities.  (No, I'm not a big  golfer, but it was so much fun to get to go along for the day. And I definitely didn't wow anyone, but I wasn't a complete embarrassment to my team.  Thank goodness for scrambles - and Sean!)  And thanks to my Mom for having everyone over after for the scrumptious BBQ.  Was glad to see some extended family and my siblings as well.  Sarah made the trip up from Cinci and not only did she spoil the kids rotten with some back to school clothes (and boots I may seriously never get off the Bean) but she snagged us a couple of Cinci treats for Ohio week!  All in all, it was one fabulous day!

One last day before school starts and the official start to Ohio week tomorrow!  Until then...

I scrambled with Mom, Sarah and the master golfer himself, Sean
One of the other scrambles teams (Dudley, Shell, Ali and Scott) - we had 5 teams total but my team teed off first and I didn't get pictures of the others

Sarah showing how to properly use a pitching wedge

Mikayla's new boots from Aunt Sarah

What happens when Grant golfs 18 holes with my Dad - rumor has it a case of beer was consumed by their team...  Seconds before I snapped this picture he had the sticker sheet over his head and was asleep

Grandma got a really cool styrofoam glider plane they got to play with

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