Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chippers Off the Old Block

Another full day at the Gatchel's, imagine that!  I don't have a lot to report as I spent the majority of my day at PTA stuff.  The kids and I hit the park with some of my lovely ladies from MOPS this morning (where I got some stellar insight from Missy about parenting in general - thank goodness for the awesome moms I have in my life!).  Then the Bean helped me make these awesome Widman's Chippers.  Widman's Candy Shop in Grand Forks, North Dakota is famous for these chocolate covered potato chips that were the perfect sweet treat for our dinner of Butterball Soup and Sunflower Corn Bread.  German Butterball Soup is a recipe that Russian German immigrants introduced to the Great Plains. The butterballs are made with stale bread and butter.  And of course, North Dakota is the first (or second depending on the year) leading producer of sunflowers which we've had plenty of around here this week!  Probably wouldn't run out and make the butterball soup again (just for the record) but when in North Dakota...  Grant took the kiddos to the bubble event at the mall today (and I hear ice cream) while I attended the pospsicle party for the new kindergarten students. (And got to meet Noah's new teacher!)  They did get their coloring pages done today and I'll give you one guess as to what they thought North Dakota was all about.

One last day of just the three of us tomorrow and am hoping to do something really fun with the kiddos!  So until then...

North Dakota Fun Fact of the Day:  The International Peace Garden straddles the international Boundary between North Dakota and the Canadian province of Manitoba. It honors the long friendship between the two nations.This 2,300-acre garden plants 100,000 flowers annually and features a Peace Chapel as well as an 18-foot floral clock.

Our bath bombs were ready!

They were excited

So of course we had to try them out

They didn't fizz quite as much as we'd hoped, but they were still fun

Making some chippers!


Working on their coloring pages

Sunflower Corn Bread (really wouldn't consider this a cornbread by any stretch of the imagination, but good anyway)

Noah's North Dakota - Mr. Bubble, Sacajawea on the right and then the blue is the alien sculpture he would make to add to the Enchanted Highway

Mikayla's North Dakota - Lewis and Clark on the right, then Mr. Bubble (the pink) and Sacajawea on the left

Butterball soup!

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