Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A hot one in the Hills

Yikes is it a scorcher in the Hills today!  You know it's warm when even I'm throwing that out there!   But honestly, I'm thinking this is the very first day all summer that I'd really even say that.  Stupid polar vortex...

After a very full day yesterday we spent most of today playing catch up on our usual Monday errand running and a few more odds and ends.  I gotta hand it to them, the kids were troopers about it  May have had something to do with the fact that I told them ice cream was a possibility if I had co-operation all morning, but hey, I'll take what I can get!

So we made it home just before lunch, with enough time for me to get some Whole Grain Sunflower Bread going in my bread machine.  You'll remember (if you slogged through it) from yesterday's blog that North Dakota is one of the leading producers of wheat and sunflowers (they go back and forth with South Dakota on both) in the nation.  Thought this would go great with dinner tonight (more on that in a bit) and boy do I love how easy my bread machine makes trying out fun things like this.  While I love to make some of my bread by hand, for the girl who constantly has 39 items on her 'to do' list (and won't stop and smell the roses until they're all checked off) my bread machine is one of my favorite kitchen toys.

Anyway, got that in and then solicited the Bean's help to make tonight's dessert of Apple Kuchen.  (Noah has been hit or miss with helping lately - he did agree to peel the apples at least).  Many German and Russian immigrants eventually settled in "The Peace Garden State" and so lots of the recipes this week are based in those traditions.  In German, Kuchen means cake.  (Shh, don't tell North Dakota but it's actually the State Dessert of South Dakota, so I'm sure we'll be seeing it again here in the next couple of months!)  Mikayla did an awesome job helping me out and everyone here like dessert tonight.

After a quick lunch we headed off to the library (for Captain Underpants, Fairy and Ohio books - aren't we the crew???) and then for the aforementioned ice cream.  Noah actually won four free ice cream cones from The Silver Dairy from the summer reading program so it seemed like a good day for it.  Unfortunately, the heat made eating the cones they chose (though I gently suggested cups, they vetoed me) quite an adventure.  Not sure if they got more in them or on them, but they were happy kiddos when all was said and done so I don't guess it really mattered.

Lots of play time in the playroom this afternoon since it's the coolest room in the house (no central air here!) and thunderstorms were threatening.  Grant made it home and we sat down to a dinner of Knoephla Soup.  (OK, and to be completely fair, though this is the meal I had planned for today this morning before he left for work I did ask Grant if he wanted me to swap it with tomorrow's dinner so we wouldn't be having soup in 90 degree weather, but he said no.  Just so no one thinks I'm completely off the deep end!)  Another German dish, a knoephla is a dumpling that is usually used in soups.  (Kosakowski family, kind of think weiner soup without the weiner part, hehe)  In spite of the heat, this one was a 'save this recipe, Mom' dinner - always something I'm glad to hear.

Two very dirty (Mikayla still had cotton candy in her hair from last night...) kids got bath and some chill time in and then it was off to bed a little early.  (That good behavior, yeah didn't last through the whole day...)  I'm chalking it up to how late they were up last night and how busy we've been in general.  And part of me is counting down the days 'til school starts :-p

Looking forward to tomorrow - a fun recipe in Kid Kitchen, two very cool Mr. Bubble related projects and then we're heading to another Tigers player signing - this time to meet Al Alburquerque! (yep, totally had to look up the spelling on that one)  Plus it's breakfast for dinner day North Dakota style!  So until then...

Ready to get all North Dakota in the kitchen

This was all I could get this one on board for

This one on the other hand will help until the cows come home

Hhhmmm, do we think she has a little bit of her Mama in her??

It's a race - Noah vs. the Ice Cream!

And in this corner - the Bean vs the Twist!

The ice cream won on both counts - both ended up knocking off the majority of the ice cream on the top trying to keep it from melting all over.  But they were delighted with what remained which is all that's important

Oh the joys that come from my bread machine

Kayla's finished Apple Kuchen

Knoephela ready for the soup

Sliced the bread!

Knoephela Soup

Dished up the kucken - cake's on!

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