Saturday, February 22, 2014

We'll Bowl You Over

Just another chill Saturday here at the Gatchel's. Ha - there is never anything chill around here, I guarantee we're always up to something.  But honestly, today has been pretty laid back, just full of stuff to do and lots of play.

After breakfast (applesauce pancakes!) we managed to sneak in our event from yesterday - snowball target toss.  I explained this to them as a game of skill and thinking.  I lined up some baskets and each had a different point value.  Ten balls to toss, best score wins.  So while it was fun to try to toss it the farthest distance for the most points, it made sense to at least earn some point.  Mikayla, bless her, grasped the concept right away.  She loaded up on 5 and 10 point scores and then started for the big points.  Check out the action and the medalists below.

Then the troops headed off to Lowe's to make Claw games while I finished up the Connecticut scrapbook page.  I had a hard time narrowing down the pictures for the page (I actually printed some I didn't use) as we have done a ton of Connecticut related stuff this week.  Between that and the Olympics I'm not sure which way is up!  I'm really looking forward to things slowing down at least a little next week.

So lunch, followed by a quick skype session with Grammy Caren and Papa Tom and then we took on our last Olympic Event (closing ceremonies tomorrow) - bowling!  Beth and Daniel, if you're reading this, for the second Olympics in a row we totally appreciated the bowling set you got them for Christmas a few years back :)  You'll have to see the pictures for who racked up the highest score.

After naps all around (the boys didn't make it back from the game - which the Pistons won - until after midnight last night.  There was much nappage needed) the crew headed off to the mall to burn off some energy at the playground (oh I will be so glad when the snow/wet is gone and we can play outside again) then back here for a dinner of Connecticut Sausage Whirls and Connecticut Apple Brownies for dessert.  I honestly have no clue how either of the recipes relate to Connecticut, but I came across them in my research and figured they were both things my crew would enjoy.

It's now games and hanging out for the night before we all crash for the evening.  I think we've earned it!  If my crew passes their "Connecticut Pop Quiz" tomorrow we're planning on taking them to see "Walking with Dinosaurs" in the morning and then it's back here to wrap up the Olympics and have a South Korean feast.  We're going to be celebrating the host country of the next winter Olympics with some of their cuisine, should be fun.  So until then...

Connecticut Fun Fact of the Day: On April 9, 1810, a Salisbury town meeting voted to authorize the "selectmen draw upon the town treasurer for the sum of one hundred dollars" to purchase more books for the Scoville Memorial Library collection, making the library the first publicly supported free town library in the United States.

Noah gives it a toss

Now for the Bean to try

Mikayla earns the gold!

The medalists (Noah was being very surly when we went to take pictures, but he did get the bronze)

Connecticut scrapbook page


The scores

We needed a roll-off for the bronze!

The Bean got the silver

And she awarded me my gold


The bowling medlists

Connecticut Sausage Whirls

Connecticut Apple Brownies

(I have no idea how these are brownies but they are awesome!  Super moist, definitely something we'll be making around here again)

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