Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Sunday

So we're here watching the commercials, um, I mean, Super Bowl here this delightful Sunday evening after quite the day.  Not even 6 inches of snow can stop these Gatchel's, lemme tell ya.

We spent some time outside this morning with the kiddos playing in the snow while Grant and I bailed out the driveway.  He had fortunately done a good chunk of it last night, but at least two more inches had accumulated since then.  Plus a thin layer of ice kept things interesting. The kids are loving it, though.  I'm still just glad that they can actually go out in it.

After some hot chocolate, we set to work on our Olympic Flags.  We were going to wait to do these mid-week, but I got to thinking that it'd be a really good project to tackle today and I am glad that we did as (with a quick lunch break include) they spent a solid two hours working on them. I'm tickled with the results, you'll have to check them out below. Which reminds me, as a programming note.  The Olympics officially kick off on Friday, and we'll be doing our Opening Ceremony that night as well, and one event every day until the Closing Ceremony.  I know it'll be a lot with the State Project going on as well, but I'll keep you as up to date on both as possible.  Please bear with me, though, as I'm going to be one busy Mama and posts may be a little inconsistent over the next couple of weeks.

This afternoon we watched the Puppy Bowl, Noah worked on his 100 days of school poster and then, like I said, we're watching the game.  I made some Fried Dill Pickles in honor of our last day of Arkansas week (they are said to have originated there), football jigglers and English muffin pizzas for quite the Game Day feast.

One more thing I wanted to mention today so it doesn't get buried in tomrorow's opening California Week post, we have a super special announcement we can FINALLY make.  It's been in the works for awhile, but tomorrow Grant's boss is officially taking him out to lunch and give him the paperwork to make it official - Grant has been promoted to a Principal Engineer at Harman!  So proud of him, as I know he has been working very diligently for them and they adore him.  His nickname at work is "The Wizard" (they even made him a hat to prove it) so there is not doubt they consider him a valuable asset.  Yay Grant!

Okay, back to the game.  Not even going to say who I'm rooting for because they will of course lose then, that's what always happens (See Michigan basketball being defeated by Indiana today for proof, grrrr).  I'm more in it for the commercial anyway )  Regular Monday to kick off California week tomorrow!  Until then...

Arkansas Fun Fact of the Day:  47 hot springs flow from the southwestern slope of Hot Springs Mountain, at an average temperature of 143 F.

This made me smile because it was Grant that laid it out like this for them this morning :)

Ready to head out

Hey Kosakowski crew - it's Mt. Alaska Farmington Hills style

Getting ready to create our flags

Hmmm, think we had a few supplies out

My flag

Noah's flag - the upper left corner is for Florida since he was born there, then below that is the state of Michigan.  On the top right is a picture of him and Kayla and below that is a drawing of his school bus

The Bean's flag - it's kinda giant!

Lots of pink, fairies and butterflies - all Mikayla :)

Frying up some pickles

Special occasion, special treat - snow slurpees!

I made English Muffins in my bread machine the other day, then we turned them into game food for tonight - yum!


Grant's flag isn't quite finished yet but here's what he's got so far

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