Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Almost Famous

I am one lucky Mama - I got to spend my morning with 13 3 and 4 year olds on Pizza Day at Mikayla's pre-school today.  A representative from the local Papa John's came to the school, taught them about how to make pizza, let them play with their own pieces of dough and then they got to have pizza as a snack today!  I had such a great time - the kids were so excited.  Plus, I have to add that I am pretty in awe of the Mikayla's teachers Mrs. Porto and Mrs. Bird.  I hope some day that I am able to 'roll with things' half as well as they do.  I am always reminded that I'm glad that I only have two after I spend a morning help, though :)

We continued our California celebration today with a meal that especially delighted my seafood loving Bean, Scrumptious California Salmon.  You have got to try this one out - it made my kitchen smell amazing when I was cooking the sauce.  Not only did it have a blend of all kinds of California flavors but the fishing industry is very important to the California economy.  Everyone here DEVOURED this.  If you're a seafood lover I'd try this one out!  And we couldn't miss out on dessert - we had to try Surfer Splits!  I came across the recipe in my cool 50 states cookbook and here's what it says "The California Milk Advisory Board created this sundae to celebrate National Ice Cream Month and Southern California's surfing heritage.  The blueberry jam represents the ocean, the whipped cream peaks are whitecaps, and the bananas, of course, are surfboards"  Ice cream at my house always goes over well.  The fact that it had a California twist - perfect!

Tonight we opened our California mail, as well.  I actually didn't have anyone in California to help us out, but Grant's Aunt in Arizona travels there regularly and helped us out.  She sent the kiddos sunglasses straight from Disneyland!  Oh my gosh, I may never get them to take them off.  Mikayla is now convinced we need to go visit California so she can met Cinderella and Ariel.  She may be waiting awhile...

We also did a California project tonight celebrating the tradition of celebrities making their mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  My favorite twosome left their own mark by setting their hands in cement and decorating their project.  Regular movie stars I have living with me, I'm telling ya!

I hear rumor of lots of snow overnight and tomorrow.  I'm ignoring it.  I'm planning on a regular Wednesday around here.  Got that Mother Nature - no more snow!  I'll have to keep you posted if she actually listens.  Until then...

California Fun Fact of the Day:  The first motion picture theater opened in Los Angeles on April 2, 1902.

Voting for their favorite pizza toppings

Patiently waiting for the pizza man

Mr. Chris the pizza guy!

Watching him toss the dough

 Mrs. Porto gave the Bean a boost

Tossing the dough

Putting on her pepperoni

They even got to play with their own piece of dough

And of course eat the fruits of their labor!

Scrumptious California Salmon!

 Surfer Splits!

Mail straight from Disneyland!

 Thanks Aunt Sally!

 Leaving his mark

 Now the Bean

 No pictures please!

 Super Star in his own right!

She's gonna be famous someday!

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