Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ski Jumping through California

It's a day that ends in 'y' in a month ending in 'uary' in Michigan - must mean it snowed.  Again.  We woke up to about an inch and a half or so this morning which meant outside to shovel.  On that note, at least it is light and fluffy snow.  There were a few snows last year that were just so HEAVY.  This didn't take too long to clean up and didn't put too much of a hiccup in our day.

And what a day it's been.  We had Day 2 of Olympic competition with a Car Ski Jump.  This was a lot of fun.  We used one of Noah's car ramps, everyone picked their own vehicle and we had a best of three jump to see who went the farthest.  You'll have to check out our results below.

We also got some face time in with Grammy Caren and Papa Tom with a skype chat.  Isn't technology wonderful?

And we wrapped up California week with their Pop Quiz (which they breezed through I'm pleased to say) and making some love bead necklaces.  That seemed like a good way to spend a snowy afternoon indoors.  For dinner tonight, we had a white pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.  Apparently California has a style of pizza all its own.  According to my cookbook "California-style pizza isa typical thin-crust pizza topped with nontypical pizza ingredients like goat cheese, artichokes, scallops and truffles."  While we didn't go quite to that extreme, white pizza isn't in our usual repitoire, so it was a fun change.  We teamed it with movies on a behind the scenes look at Disneyland and a helicopter ride through San Francisco!

Tomorrow promises to be jam packed with Day 3 of the Olympic Events (indoor snowman building!) and putting up our Colorado Wall.  Going to be a crazy couple of weeks, stay tuned!  Until then...

California Fun Fact of the Day: One out of every eight United States residents lives in California.


Our ski jump

Noah and Kayla's car choices

Mine and Grant's

Mikayla's first jump

Noah's turn

Where everyone's furthest jump ended up.  I won - if you look at Noah's feet off to the right, that's where my car landed

Celebrating Mommy's win!

He was break dancing...

Kayla took a picture of today's medalists

Noah finished his timeline project for school

The makings for some love bead necklaces

Hard at work


California Pizza!

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  1. We had the best time Skyping with everyone. Thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend. Love and hugs, many, many of them.