Friday, February 7, 2014

Let the Games Begin!

I'm not going to go into a long winded post tonight about how excited I am (but I AM!) or how incredibly proud I am of my kiddos (I AM) and how much fun we've been having tonight (though we have been waiting weeks for this!) I am simply going to let the pictures (and a little input from me via the captions) speak for themselves!  I now declare the 2nd running of the Gatchel Olypmics, OPEN!

(Oh, and don't worry, not forgetting California!
California Fun Fact of the Day:  California has hosted the Olympic Games three times. Los Angeles, the largest city in the state, hosted both the 1932[1] and 1984 Summer Olympics.[2] Squaw Valley, California hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics.)

 My latest project in progress


The Bean helping me make our Russian Feast

The katleti in progress

Prepped for the ceremony!

 Mikayla marches her flag

And we get it hung

Noah's turn

Then Grant
And me too!

Hanging Grandpa Gary's flag

Marching around all our other flags

Our flag wall

The torch relay

Lighting our torch

The swearing in

We declare the games open!

Think they're excited?

Noah helped us by taking a picture of Grant and I, too

Russian feast for dinner tonight!

 Tonight's dessert - Russian Syrniki - we topped them with raspberry preserves - super yum!

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