Thursday, December 6, 2012

We're working on it, I promise!

Have you been missing us the past few days?  Probably going through all kinds of Gatchel withdrawal symptoms, I'm sure ;-)

Grant and I are currently working on a solution to get us up and running here shortly.  We think (sadly) that this is going to include getting rid of the Florida blog to free up the space being used by pictures there.  Our biggest concern is making sure the pictures there are backed up somewhere else before we do this, so it may be a few more days until we're up and running.  But a few short funnies to keep you entertained until then...

My jersey came in from M Den!  The kiddos and I went to pick it up on Wednesday and apparently I am now somewhat of a celebrity there.  I was so pleased with my experience ordering the jersey that I wrote to the corporate office commending them on the Twelve Oaks Mall store.  Twelve Oaks heard about it and every employee there on Wednesday thanked me for the note.  Never underestimate the power of a little kindness :)  I love me some M Den!!

On Tuesday prior to Kid Kitchen the kiddos and I took a quick walk (they insisted on walking, not riding in Charlie) over to the grocery store to pick up a couple of ingredients we were missing.  Half way there Noah starts complaining that his feet are wet.  Baffled, I have him pick up his foot to inspect the bottom of his shoe only to discover that in less than four months he completely wore out the heel on both shoes and they sported decedent size holes in them!  After I got over being mortified that I was allowing him to go around with holes in his shoes I promised we'd go out on Wednesday when we picked up my jersey to look for new shoes.  While I don't want to spoil his purchase because he's dying to share pictures of what he got I will leave it at two words; Lightning McQueen.

Mikayla has decided that for her birthday dinner on Saturday with Grandpa Gary and Uncle Keith she wants Butterfly (bowtie pasta) Mac & Cheese and Mini Corn Dogs.  Cake is to be strawberry with bubble gum icing and strawberry ice cream.  (Her cake is to have Tinkerbell and everyone else is to get Butterfly cupcakes.  The girl has it all planned out I tell you, don't know where she gets that...) I've warned Gary and Keith, hope they're bringing strong stomachs with them...

St. Nicholas visited this morning and apparently knocked it out of the park.  While he wasn't able to find the Monster Truck socks Noah requested (Santa is still looking if anyone has suggestions!) he did find 'fuzzy, fluffy' socks for Mikayla.  Noah got Cars socks instead which he was elated with.  They also got all the Christmas Veggie Tales episodes on DVD.  Grant and I sat down with them tonight and watched the St. Nicholas one (which I'd never seen before) and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more.  They made a reference to "Christmas Vacation" - Grant and I loved it!

Hopefully more and pictures in the next couple of days!

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