Monday, December 3, 2012

Genitti's Hole In The Wall Field Trip

Just a quick post about today's bit event: Noah's class went on a field trip to Genitti's Hole in The Wall for some kids theater, lunch, and Santa!

The show was a short act about a cute little green alien who came to Earth to eat all the toys and a detective sent from 200 years in the future who has traveled to the present to find him. It was an interactive show for the kids and several got to be brought up on stage, including Noah! As part of the end of the show, Santa came out on stage (as he was victorious in a pretty cheesy off-stage battle with aliens fighting for the toys at the North Pole) and let all of the kids sit on his lap. Check out the album for some more pics.


  1. Comment from the Jealous Mama who didn't get to go on this field trip: They also got lunch at the theater afterward! How come I get to go trudge through the pumpkin patch and Daddy gets to go to the theater and lunch? :)

  2. Daddys are lucky. Besides, boys stick together. They had it all planned, Mom.