Friday, December 14, 2012

Extra Love Tonight

My heart is grieving tonight for all of the families feeling the effects of the senseless tragedy in Connecticut as well as those families effected by the violence in China.  What a sad day it turned out to be.  It brings tears to my eyes just to think about all those precious kiddos getting up this morning excited to be going to school who aren't home tonight.  It made me spend a few extra moments cuddling Thing 1 and Thing 2 and thanking God for them tonight, that's for sure.

I just had to share words from my very wise, wonderfully kind-hearted three (Happy Birthday, Kayla Bean!) year old.  Grant and I wanted to try to explain at least a little bit of what had happened to Noah before he heard about it from somewhere else.  What we really wanted to stress was that if he is ever in any type of danger at all, to look for someone in charge and listen to what they tell him to do and that while we are incredibly sad by what happened this is NOT what normally happens at a school.  Plus we wanted him to know if he had any questions or he heard something he didn't understand he should come and talk to us. They see, hear and absorb so much more than I am even aware of that I didn't want him to somehow be exposed to the situation without us being able to talk about it first.  So in the simplest terms possible I told him what happened and asked him if he had any questions.  He said no, but that it was very sad.  I agreed and, repeating what my Mom had said to me earlier, choking up, told him that at least all of those kids would be happy in Jesus' arms tonight.  To which my sweet little bean says "Mama, don't be sad, when someone dies an angel holds them in their arms."  Thank you God for those words of wisdom from such a beautiful soul!  (As I sit here bawling thinking about it again)

My prayer tonight is that all those families feel the comfort of those angel arms tonight as well and know that there are more people out there thinking of them, praying for them and grieving with them than they could ever imagine.

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