Sunday, December 9, 2012

And then there were three...

 After another exciting weekend things are winding down at the Gatchel house this evening.  Grandpa Gary and Uncle Keith took off to head back to Illinois around lunch time but we're excited to see them again in two weeks.  Geesh, that hardly seems possible!  I can't believe we're only just over two weeks away from Christmas!

And if them leaving wasn't enough of a bummer for all of us here, Grant headed out himself shortly after dinner.  He's becoming quite the mover and shaker at work (hehe) and his presence was needed at the new office in Vernon Hills, Illinois for a few days.  We don't expect him back 'til Thursday so it is the Mama, Thing 1 and Thing 2 on our own for most of this week.  We have big plans, though, so while we'll miss him I think we'll be more than occupied.  Stay tuned to the blog to see what we'll be up to :)

Also, had to post that I'm feeling super productive.  All of my Christmas "projects" are now finished.  I just finished making our annual Christmas Eve PJ's tonight and now all they need are our handprints and they're good to go.  We made some super cute stuff that I can't wait for people to open!  Until tomorrow...

Shirts are ready!

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