Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kayla's Birthday Party

 Bring on the presents!  We celebrated Mikayla's birthday a few nights early and my little Princess is over the moon.  She was of course sufficiently spoiled rotten by everyone.  And you'll have to see how she enjoyed her cake ;-)

So ready for presents, Mom

 Tinkerbell PJ's - Thanks Uncle Arthur, Aunt Kristina and "Baby Wee-wun"!

 She is currently wearing them and came out of her room declaring "I am Tinkerbell!"

 Can I just say if this is how Mikayla opens presents all the time, we are going to be at Christmas FOREVER this year, lol

 Hat and Mittens from Great Grandma Minna.  Love them!

 So does Kayla since she couldn't stop modeling them

 Tinkerbell outfit from Mommy & Daddy

 Princess castle!  Grandpa Gary for the win!

 And a baby doll bed from Grandpa Gary.  She's already put it in her room with one of her own blankets in it - too cute.  

 Uncle Keith knows how much she loves to read and brought her Minnie Mouse books

 Hugs all around

 Ready for some cake

 I love this little girl more than words

 Digging in

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