Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Technical Difficulties...

So I've done it.  I've broken the blog!

OK, not really.  But unfortunately according to Google I've taken up all the free space they'll allow me for pictures.  (Scary, huh?)  So while I do have pictures of our amazing Kid Kitchen adventures today I can't post them.  For the time being you'll have to put up with my brief recap until my techie pro wonderful husband can figure out how to overcome my latest glitch.

I wasn't planning a kid kitchen for today.  We were supposed to head to Toledo to Imagination Station to meet up with my friend, Angie, and her two adorable kiddos.  Unfortunately, after the fogtasticness that was Farmington Hills yesterday (at 3pm I couldn't see the house across the street) and again this morning it was deemed unsafe to make the trip down early this morning.  So we improvised!

And I was inspired by a banana.  A very sad looking banana (I took a picture of it, I'll post it when we're up and running again), you'll just have to take my word for it.  And it was sad because bananas hardly ever reach such a state of decomposition at the Gatchel house.  I like them when they're still a little green, the kids like them when they're all yellow, Grant likes them after they've started to turn a bit and when all else fails I turn them into some kick butt banana bread that usually ends up being gobbled down as french toast around here.  But somehow, after I turned a couple of bananas in a similar state into pancakes on Sunday (they were devoured, definitely a make again recipe) there was still one lonely nearly black banana sitting on my countertop this morning.  And just one wasn't enough to turn it into banana bread, so what to do with it?

Mini donuts!

Oh yes, we turned that very sad banana into some amazing banana bread like mini donuts then created an amazing dark chocolate frosting to dip the tops and then sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles.  Noah ate five of them.  I kid you not.

And if that wasn't enough, I decided we'd try some fudge, too.  (For not getting to go to Toledo, it was a very productive day around here.  I also managed to clean the entire house, do six loads of laundry, make a shepherd's pie and help the kiddos with three Christmas presents/projects all before dinner time)  And of course, we can't just make ordinary fudge around here.  Nope, we made cake batter white chocolate fudge!  With sprinkles!  I can't wait to post the pictures of this, it is truly adorable.  Grant taste tested it after dinner and said he's never had such a unique tasting fudge.  And I think he meant that in the nice, not back-handed way of "oh, this is 'nice'" :-p  Enough of it has already disappeared that I'm thinking it's safe to say it was a hit.

Anyway, hopefully we'll get the pictures of our creations posted here soon.  Until then...

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