Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Play Date and Reindeer!

 It's Kid Kitchen Tuesday here at the Gatchel house, but with a twist today!  Noah's friend from school, Jonathan, came over to join us.  What a great kiddo he is!  He and Noah had a great time playing together and my heart absolutely melted when I heard "Noah, you're my best friend" and then "Jonathan, you're my best friend, too."  I have a feeling this is a the start of a beautiful friendship ;-)

Jonathan, Noah and Mikayla getting ready for Kid Kitchen

 Opening all the candy cane kisses

 Putting them in the pretzels

 I will admit that I ended up finishing these myself.  Trying to contain the energy that was 2 four year old boys and an almost 3 year old little girl only help up for so long

 Putting antlers on the reindeer

 Now the eyes and nose!

 They did a great job!

 The squid dogs made a return at lunch time

 The boys scarfed down the squid dogs

Reindeer cookies and awesome play date = mad success!

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  1. Wow, takin' on two of them! You are a brave woman. The squid dogs would definitely been a hit w/K & G at that age! Good job, Mom.