Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Holly Days

While mommy was out doing very important things (shopping), Daddy[me] and the kids made the best of the first Saturday in December of 2012.

The first stop this morning was, of course, Home Depot Kids Workshop where we got to see Santa build picture frames.

We came home, played and had lunch, then made it to downtown Farmington for Holly Days! We made it in time to see some really cool ice carving, a healthy and packed market, and one very long line for Santa. But we couldn't find Mrs. Claus who was supposed to be reading stories. So we headed toward the library to see if they were still decorating their Christmas tree and hoped to catch up with her there.

Instead of finding Mrs. Claus, we found members of the KickstART Farmington group who were collecting one word ideas that come to mind when people think of Farmington using a(n old) typewriter they had on display. They have a great mission and clever ideas so if you live in the Farmington/Hills area, check them out!

Finally we headed to Mike Greer Photography Studio to listen to Christmas stories, only to find that she'd just finished. While we waited for the last reading, the kids made ornaments and ate cookies. Mrs. Claus did a fantastic job capturing her young audience and even told the story of "A Christmas Tree for Pyn" from memory.

Later in the evening we attempted to head to Noel Night in Midtown Detroit, but after over a half hour of trying to find/get to parking, we gave up and headed home. Mommy had returned from her shopping extravaganza while we were out and had a small gift for her two little munchkins...

Visiting with the organizers of KickstART Farmington introducing old tech gadgets to new tech kids.

Ornaments and cookies!

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