Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cookies with Grandpa Gary and Uncle Keith

 Uncle Keith and Grandpa Gary arrived this morning to spend today and part of tomorrow with us and celebrate Mikayla's birthday.  This afternoon we decided to make and frost Christmas cookies. The kiddos and I mixed up the dough this morning and let it chill while we all headed out for some lunch.  (Burger King play place for the win!).  Then bring on the cookies!  I'd say everyone did a FABULOUS job!

My two favorite cheflets

 Careful measuring for perfect cookies

 Noah running the mixer

 Kayla too!

 Uncle Keith gets in on mixing up the icing

 Red and green icing

 All the cookie making stuff out and ready

 Let the decorating begin!

 The gang decorating

 Our masterpieces

 Noah and Uncle Keith

 Kayla and the Mama

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