Friday, December 7, 2012

And... We're Back!

 I must start this post by showing credit where it is due. A made shout out to my friend, Angie, for her suggestion on how to circumvent the blog restrictions!  You are wonderful!  Because of her we are up and running again AND the old blog (which you can check out here if you're feeling nostalgic) will remain up and running.  Yay for Angie!!!

I'm going to just post pictures with small captions as a recap.  If you want the full story (like why the heck I'm posting a picture of a very sad looking banana) you can read posts from the past couple of days here and here.  Consider the Maize and Blue Gatchel's back at full strength.  Be looking for a post later today when I get Mikayla's cake and cupcakes finished.  (That is as long as the child doesn't change her mind again about what she wants)

My banana inspiration

 I love them, they love each other, it's a family full of love

 Mixing up our cake batter fudge

 Noah measured the white chocolate chips all by himself

 Stirring up the fudge

 Kayla too!

 What it looked like before cooling

 Super pretty.  Don't know if I mentioned it the other day but this was a HUGE hit.

 Their favorite job of the day, mashing up the banana for the donuts

 Donut batter!

 Aren't they cute?

 Noah trying one without any frosting

 Kayla glazing a donut

 Now Noah's turn

 Adding the sprinkles

 I love these!  And the entire batch (24) was gone after breakfast the next morning

 Taste test

 Mikayla made a mess, go figure :-p

 After we frosted them, Noah ate 4!

 My jersey came in!

 Yes, I know it's Denard's number and so it is the standard number they are using for almost all the jerseys right now, but I picked 16 it has always been my 'lucky' number :)

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