Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vermont Mac Daddy!

Thursday already?  Geesh!  And snow this morning!  As in not just a random flurry, but actual detectable snow!  Not sure how I feel about it.  I mean, it's beautiful, the kids are overjoyed, but brrr!  That part I'm not ready for.  I suppose snow or not it's going to be cold (I mean it is mid-November in Michigan) so I may as well just enjoy the beauty of it.

This morning we had friends over to play with the Bean.  R & L came at breakfast time and actually trekked out in the snow with us to drop Noah off to the bus stop this morning.  I had to get an adorable picture of all four of them all bundled up.  I had really debated just tossing them in the car (our stop is nearly 1/3 of a mile away) but they were all so excited about the snow.  We made quite the parade, I'm sure.  Then it was back here for hot chocolate and play time.  Missy came over and hung out for awhile when she was done with her appointment and we even got the kiddos some lunch.  Actually, the kiddos got their own lunch - The Bean and R set out to make squid dogs.  At some point I had mentioned that Noah was in need of some time in the kitchen making a meal to earn a badge for Scouts.  R was all over this and requested one of his own.  The kiddos did such a great job that I've promised to get him his own cooking badge for his efforts :)  Kayla really enjoyed having company over this morning and I enjoyed the kids and catching up with Missy (and her neighbor, Violet) as well.  It was quite a great way to spend a Thursday morning.

Then, much to my delight, the Bean and I headed up to school to see if there were any Pizza Kit orders to be picked up.  Only one order - BUT - the Directories are in!  I was literally dancing in the office.  After last year this is EPIC.  (They weren't finished and distributed until nearly March...)  The people that I've worked with on this have been stellar and I know the families will be thrilled to get them.  And I totally then met my own self-imposed deadline of having them distributed by Thanksgiving break (with over a week to spare!)  Hoping to get them labeled and distributed tomorrow, if not on Monday.  WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!  (I know, this doesn't seem like a really big deal but after the drama that was last year, it pretty much made my week)

When NJ got home this afternoon the kids started work on their coloring page of Vermont.  I probably don't have to tell you what they came up with :)  Check out the pictures below to see their finished projects.

I hinted last night that the Dynamic Duo have been ridiculously excited since I posted this week's menu for tonight's dinner on our white board.  If you give my kids a choice of where to go to dinner (after they answer McDonald's because they're 4 and 6, of course) they will almost always pick Panera.  And once there they will always order the same thing - mac and cheese.  So when I found out that Panera's mac and cheese is made with Vermont White Cheddar, I knew I was going to have to make it this week.  I found this recipe for Panera Stove Top Mac & Cheese (copycat) that I made.  So it was *quite* as good as getting it there, they still devoured it.  To go with it I made Vermont Whole Wheat Honey Bread.  I ended up halving the recipe and making it in my bread machine this morning and it smelled divine!  And for the record, King Arthur Flour (where this recipe came from) is headquartered in Vermont!  I wanted to get one more fun Ben & Jerry's recipe in this week, so I made this luscious Ice Cream Sundae Brownies for dessert.  They are NOT diet friendly if that's your thing, but they are gooey and chocolate LOADED.  I had a happily fed crew tonight.

Tomorrow the boys are off to Kalamazoo for an overnight with Cub Scouts at the Air Museum.  Noah has been excited for weeks!  The Bean and I are here and having some girl time that I'm not sure what we're going to do with yet.  I do know that tomorrow night we're headed to Beechview for a Magic Show!  Should be fun.  I'll try to remind Grant to get some pictures from their trip as well.  So until then...

Vermont Fun Fact of the Day:  Vermont does not allow billboard advertising.

The crew of to the bus stop this morning

I adore these smiley faces

Ice Cream Sundae Brownies

There is a TON of chocolate in these

The Bean's Vermont complete with maple syrup candy, a Morgan horse and two flavor's of Ben and Jerry's

Noah's Vermont - The kid cracked me up as he actually got the Ben and Jerry's out of the freezer to make sure he had the name correct.  He's also got a morgan horse, cheese, and maple syrup on there

He makes me laugh

Vermont Whole Wheat Honey Bread

Yum!  Grant especially really liked this one

Panera Mac & Cheese - Noah had 2 helpings and said it tasted just like Panera

Dinner is served

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